Sunday, April 25, 2010

The bench and the lexan paddle

Hi all:

I have had some emails asking where we got the spanking bench. Evan bought this for me at for around $400 a few years ago. This is a very well-built bench. Evan is over 200 lbs, and the bench holds him very easily with no visible wear and tear, even after many uses. We haven't tried possible competitor benches, so we don't know if our bench is either the best value or the best quality out there. But it has served us very well, and so we definitely recommend it.

Regarding my lexan paddle, it's 3/8" thick, with holes in it (which I doubt make any difference to the effect, but they look menacing). Evan got this for me from . I don't know if this paddle is unbreakable, but I have not been able to damage it in any way while striking Evan's bottom. I think it will win in a battle against Evan's behind.

Finally, one commenter asked if I shave Evan's behind. No, that's just his natural bald bottom state. He is not a very hairy man, except on his head. He has a little bit of hair on his bottom, but it's not visible in those camera shots.

Thanks for all the kind comments. Yes, Evan and I do have a good time together.

Talk to you more soon,



  1. Welcome back, Deirdre. It's wonderful to see yo posting again.


  2. Deirdre: Sorry for the "yo;" I'm not typing well this evening.


  3. I am happy to see you are back and posting more regularly. I enjoy your posts, though I know it takes a lot of time to keep a blog going. Evan is a lucky man to have a wife that spanks him so thoroughly. I have never been restrained during an adult spanking, but it is a hope that someday my wife will agree to restraining me. I am like Evan and usually end up stopping the spanking when i think I have had enough.

  4. A wonderful blog. I was wondering, given your enthusiasm for spanking, if you have ever used other punishments on Evan? Your description of his love/hate relationship with the bench suggests that there is an element of reward for him that mouth soaping, corner time might not have. Just curiious.


  5. Ma’am,

    We too ordered a Lexan paddle from paddlewerks a few years ago, along with an oak paddle. They charged my Mastercard for a total of about $100 but the paddles never arrived. Theoretically, of course, it is possible they were lost in the mail (and made some postman’s wife happy), but what really annoyed me was that paddlewerks (or Hanson Paddle co. as they called themselves then) never bothered to answer my e-mails. They just ignored me and the money was never returned. I have heard from many of paddlewerks’ customers since that they are happy with the company’s services, so probably it was an isolated incident – nevertheless it leaves a bad taste.

    Years later we found and purchased a Lexan paddle from a German vendor. It is of a different shape – about the shape and size of a ping-pong paddle – and it does not have holes, but it DOES a serious job on my bottom. My wife always has me to massage some Johnson’s Baby Oil into my buttocks as a pre-spanking measure. It makes the skin more elastic and prevents breakage of skin (at least for a while), but it also greatly enhances the effect of a paddling or strapping!