Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Evan squirming during a spanking, displaying his erection

Hi all:

Evan will answer some more comments soon.  In the meantime, here is a sequence of video stills close in time to perhaps the most downloaded picture on my blog: a sequence where Evan is spanked over my lap, and he squirms up, showing the world his partially erection.  I like this sequence a lot, and I guess many of you do too.  His penis and balls look so attractive like this!

In these pictures, you can see that I spank him while he is squirming, but this doesn't deter him, and he turns almost right over.  As you can see, he is very large, so this actually hurts me a little when he does this, although I find it funny at the time.  (If you could see my face, you would see that I am laughing as he squirms up towards me.)  You can also see him yelling in pain from some hard spanks.

Towards the end, you can see me pushing his legs back down, so we can start again.  But after he does this a few times, I would much rather use the bench, so that I can spank as I please without him rolling around on top of me.



  1. Ha ha... love the idea you you laughing/smiling behind the blob! :)
    You get some good torque on him, I'll add that!
    Sorry he tires you so with all his movement. Still, much of the fun, eh?

  2. (glad you guys have your blog...and your enthusiasm!)

    One can really see the energy and vigor you put behind your paddling as evident in Evan's struggling. Just the way he's gripped the chair leg with his left hand gives quite an indication as well.

    Thank you Mrs.D for coming back and sharing.

  3. Nice slippers as well!

  4. yes I've always thought the slippers were a brilliant touch, makes more like an impromptu domestic spanking (which it clearly is) than a set up photo shoot, I mean who'd wear slippers to a photo shoot:)


  5. WOW! It is so nice to see you folks back, I missed you.

    Even if you don't blog, which is very generous of you, I hope you still practiced the life style, that Evan gets his spankings and peggings and other such thing.

    Welcome Back, and Thank You very much.


  6. Hi,

    I like your blog. I especially like the fact that you're not afraid to show the male genitalia. Many blogs and websites are reluctant to show the exposed male. Erections are an important part of discipline. When my girlfriend scolds me and lectures me and is about to impose discipline, I usually get an erection. I can't help it. When I get erect in that way, I become submissive and not agressive. Of course, the spanking makes me go flaccid. It's an indication of her success in spanking me.

    She understands this very well and it gives her the power she needs to discipline me.


  7. I love the slippers and honestly love to see how hard he is while over your beautiful lap!
    Nice spanking ma'am