Saturday, December 7, 2013

A near meeting with Julie

Hi all:

Sorry for the long silence.  I have been too busy with work for the past while to do the blogging thing as well.

Evan and I are well: we are just busy with work.  I still spank him regularly, and we are very happy.

Recently, Julie from and I and our husbands almost met.  But life intervened, and it didn't quite happen.  Julie wrote about a fantasy meeting that she dreamed up: she is so imaginative that girl!  Anyway, I thought you all should know about it.

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

switching gears: a f/m spanking advice blog

Hi everyone:

Sorry for the long delay in posting again.  I think I have posted enough about Evan's and my life for now.  There isn't much more to say about spanking and female dominance in our relationship.  Things are great, but I find it boring to post day-to-day events: not enough that's different happens to be worth writing about, in my opinion.  And I don't want to write about more vanilla / mundane things because that's too much information that might eventually make us more identifiable.  In order to keep our anonymity, I feel the need to keep the topic to spanking and female dominance (as silly as that sounds).

So if I am going to keep posting, I need fresh new ideas in this area in which to write.  My first idea in this area is to shift the blog to an advice blog: you, gentle readers, provide me with situations and questions, and I will try to give you advice, as best as I can, given the information that you give me.  Many people have written to me over the years asking for advice about their f/m relationship (just as many women as men: about 50/50).  Maybe some of you would consent to have anonymized versions of your questions discussed here?

Please send me your questions and stories, and I will try to help, and we will all seek the help of the many readers here.

Evan sends his best: he is doing very well.  I haven't spanked him for a couple of weeks, but I am sure that will change sometime soon.  (Just the usual happy way it is around here...)