Friday, September 28, 2012

what's your favorite picture?

Here's a sequence from a recent spanking that I gave Evan.  Which pictures do you like the best, and why?  (Sorry for the repetition from some recent posts.)  I am always curious as to what makes you boys tick.


these need to come down

looks like Evan's excited about this

All the way down please

It's too beautiful not to touch!

Wow! that had an even stronger effect.

A two-hander!

Time to get started, over you go.  Stick that thing between my legs.

And away we go: not too hard to start.

Pretty hard now!  I want you to feel it and remember this.
I am sure you felt that!

Squirming again, are you? Then everyone will see your shrunken penis.

But I do wish you wouldn't squirm so much: it hurts my legs!

Oh dear, I don't think you are listening.

I will have to spank you in this uncomfortable position

What a cute little penis!  It's shrunken way down.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a million page loads!

Hi all:

I started my blog around 2 years ago, and I have been sporadically posting over that period: basically 3 periods of about a month or more each over the course of 2 years.

According to "statcounter" (a widget on my blog) I have now had over 1 million page views since the blog started (and approaching 500,000 unique visits).  Thanks for all your interest!  The fact that all you read and comment keeps me and Evan posting.

If you have a minute (and you must, because I can't imagine that this is work time for you, is it?) please write a comment about why it is that you have come to my blog.  Why so many people, from all over?

Evan thinks that there is still a dearth of real strict wives out there, who give their husbands real, hard spankings.  Or is it the pictures that bring you here?  I am told that men are visual: is that it?  If so, do you want some more pictures, perhaps of my naked or semi-clothed body?  (Not that I am going to show you, but I like to torment you all a bit, if I can.)

Here's an awesome picture of Evan getting over my knee for a spanking, erection and all.  I know you boys love these kinds of pictures, because these ones always get downloaded more than others around them!

Hugs to all,


He's erect now, but I will change that very soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a creampie for Evan

We had another great night last night.  Ever since the change in my demeanor -- the birth of the strict wife -- Evan has been extremely horny.  Always touching me, kissing and cuddling me, constantly wanting a look at my boobs and butt and pussy.  (I have no problem with showing him almost anytime: I *love* the attention.  It shows me that he loves me. So nice!)  I had been away for a couple of days when I got home yesterday afternoon, and I could tell Evan was super horny to have sex with me, if I would let him.  I hadn't allowed him to come since last Thursday, when I penny-jerked him onto the wall, during corner time.

Unfortunately for him, however, I brought my little vibrator on my trip, and I was all played out when I got back.  I had masturbated 4 times over the last 3 days, and although I loved his attention, I didn't need him to lick me last night.  So I just let him be horny, and had him snuggle me.  Eventually, after a lot of begging, I gave in to his advances, but only under certain conditions. I would allow him to fuck me only in one position: from behind (my favorite).  And then, he could only do so if he would pull out most of the way when he ejaculated, so that he would ejaculate just barely inside me.  That way, his come wouldn't get too deep inside me.  Then, as soon as he was finished ejaculating, I wanted him to lie on his back on the bed, whereupon I would sit on his face, and he would clean me up.  If he was going to ejaculate a lot, then he should drink it straight from my pussy.

Evan happily agreed: he will do anything I ask from him these days, and this wasn't asking much.  This was fueling more of his fantasies.  He fucked me nice and deep (but not too deep: it can hurt when he goes in too far), and slowly.  I reached around and tickled his balls to get him to come faster: that always works.  Then he pumped faster and faster, until he started grunting that he was coming.  I told him to pull almost all the way out, and fill me up.  I could feel the come pouring out: he had been pent up again, and I was collecting it all now.  I waited a few more seconds after he said he was done, and then I flipped around on my back (to keep it from dripping out) and told him lie on the bed, face up.  He did as he was told, and so I proceeded to sit on his face, so that I could look down at his eyes while he cleaned me out.  I told him to get busy and start licking, which he did.  I could feel his ejaculate start to flow out of me, and I could hear him swallowing a few times: he told me that he had quite a mouthful.  I let him lick a bit longer, and then I climbed off, and went to clean myself some more in the bathroom.

So that's the story of my gift of a creampie to Evan.  I really like Evan to fuck me: his cock feels so good inside.  And I love it when he comes.  So he will probably get lots more creampies in the weeks and months and years to come.

Sorry about the lack of spanking content today: there was no spanking on the agenda!  (I did happen to give Evan a short spanking today, for talking slightly crossly with me in the grocery store.  I had him bend over the bed, drop his pants, and I applied 10 very hard spanks from pursey.  He complained loudly after a few swats, but he knew he was getting off lightly, so he stayed quite still.  I still owe him a few minutes of continuous spanking: I will do that in a couple of days.)


Time to pull your underpants down now, sweetheart

My, what's this?

All the way down, please

Friday, September 21, 2012

advanced corner time for Evan

So ever since I started taking over Evan's life a couple of weeks ago, by way of hair-yanking and ear-marching, one day at a time, everything has been extremely smooth between us.  I think I understand my role, and I know he understands his.  Making it work has been easy so far, because even though he acts up every now and then (as he always has), the ear-pull moves him back to where he belongs very rapidly.

Evan went away for work on Tuesday this past week, and came back Wednesday.  He had behaved just fine before and during his trip, and he was very sweet when he returned.  So I had no complaints at all: he was being great.  But one of the perks of my new strict wife status is that I can torment him just for fun, and he can't do anything about it.  (In fact, I know he loves it.)  So that's what I set out to do that evening.

When it was close to bed time, I told him I was going to have a shower.  While I was showering, I told him I wanted him with his pants down, bare-bottom, in the corner.  He asked which corner and why, and I replied it didn't matter why, get there now, whereupon I grabbed his ear and moved him to the corner where I wanted him, and while still holding his ear, had him pull his pants down.  I then left him there to go find a penny.  I had heard of others doing this, and now this was something I was going to do more often: I told Evan to hold the penny against the wall, with his hands behind his back.  I wish I had taken some photos or a video of what happened next, but that's Evan's territory (setting up the video) and this was all spontaneous, so no filming that day.

I then left Evan for a while, periodically checking on him to make sure that he was doing as I asked.  He was. I wasn't quite ready for my shower yet.  I thought I would leave him for a while, then a while longer, and then torment him a bit.  A few minutes passed, and I read some email and responded to it.  I went back to make sure he was still standing with his hands behind his back, bare-bottomed, and holding the coin against the wall.  He was doing so, seemingly very intently.  I went back to doing more email and then returned again.  All was well: he was doing as he was asked.  So now he was going to get a reward.  I snuck up behind him, reached between his legs from behind with my left hand, and started caressing his balls from behind.  He moved suddenly at my touch but then relaxed: this was something that he really liked.  I reached around with my right hand, and started stroking his semi-erect penis.  I had not allowed him to come for 2 weeks, so he was super horny at this point.  I had milked him a few days ago (which is always fun) but I knew he would be close to fully loaded once again by now.  I stroked his penis very lightly with my right hand, while lightly touching his balls through his legs from behind.  I asked him whether he liked how this felt.  "Yes" he replied.  (No kidding!)  I continued to stroke him gently.

At this point I was still figuring out what to do with him.  I didn't have a plan; I was just playing this by ear.  I stroked him faster and faster.  I knew this was driving him wild.  I just continued this very lightly for quite a while.  I was curious to see how he would react.  Then I started jerking him pretty hard with my right hand, with the idea of really tormenting him.  I pulled him pretty hard, and told him that he better not drop that penny, or I would take him to the bed and give him a hard spanking.  Then I set about trying to make this event happen.  I jerked him harder, with more erratic pulling, moving from side to side a bit, so he would have to twist to get the best effect of my hand on his penis.  He twisted and turned his body, but managed to hold the coin with his nose tight against the wall.  I turned from side to side a bit more, and changed my pace faster and slower.  He was breathing very heavily and shifting around a lot, and bending his knees a lot in order to get the full effect.  His legs started shaking as time went on -- five, then ten minutes -- and eventually, he broke, and the coin fell to the floor.

I stopped immediately, and grabbed his ear, and told him I was disappointed that he had dropped the penny, against my wishes.  Now it was time to be spanked for that mistake.  I ear-marched him to the bed and had him lay on the bed. I got my trusty purse paddle "pursey", and started spanking hard.  I gave him about 20 hard spanks, and then he struggled away and whined that it was too much.  "Of course it wasn't too much: this is what your bottom is for," I told him.  I had him roll back in position and started up again.  About 20 more hard ones, alternating back and forth.  Again, lots more complaining, but less rolling away.  I paused again, and finished with a flourish of about 20 more hard ones, with him telling me over and over that "it hurts, oh, it hurts so much!"  This doesn't deter me at all: that's music to my ears.  I finished this spanking off, then pulled him by his ear back to his corner.  I gave him his penny back and told him to hold it against the wall again, and don't drop it this time.

I commented that he was still semi-hard: maybe I didn't spank long enough.  He assured me that I had done a good job.  I was dubious: I usually don't even count a spanking until the erection is completely gone: that's when the spanking starts for real.  Until then, it's just fun for him.  But I was on a different mission today: power corner time.  I asked Evan if he would like me to stroke his penis again.  He replied yes, most definitely.  He asked if I was going to let him come like this.  I replied that he could come like this if he could do so without dropping the penny.  I told him that I would be impressed if he could do this, because I was going to jerk him off in such a way that it would be hard for him to hold up the penny with his nose, and his hands behind his back.  But if he failed, I would give him a proper spanking with pursey, and then a strapping with our lovely 3-tailed strap (which I have started to call "3-strappy": 3-strappy wants more access to my Evan's bottom.  As a member of our family, I think that this is good for everyone.  So I was hoping to give Evan a good strapping today also.)

I told Evan some of this, but at the same time, I told him that if he didn't drop the penny, he could shoot his ejaculate against the wall, and I would love to see that too.  He groaned a bit, most saliently whenever I told him what I wanted from him: he seems to react strongest to my words rather than my jerking him off.  I continued playing with his penis and caressing his balls lightly.  He responded strongly, and I could feel that he was getting closer and closer.  He seemed intent on keeping his nose to the wall, however, and I could feel his concentration on ejaculation fall off every time that he jerked a little, and almost lost the penny.  Whenever that happened I would coax him along some more, telling him that it didn't matter to me what happened: I would love to see him ejaculate all over the wall, but I would love just as much (maybe more) to give him a longer spanking, including a nice strapping from 3-strappy.  He moaned when I talked to him but didn't talk back at all (good boy!).  I enjoyed his confused concentrated silence.

After a couple more close calls, I could feel he was really close now.  He tightened his buttocks and asked me if he could please come now.  I said, of course, that was the point.  I jerked a few more times, and sure enough he started to shoot his white sticky ejaculate all over our dark red-painted wall.  What a load!  It was great to see.  I let go as soon as he started to come, and he was a good boy in that he didn't jerk himself off.  He just spurted out with neither me nor him touching his erect penis.  A partially ruined orgasm: great from my perspective.  But I had jerked long enough to get most of it out (I think).  Anyway there was a lot.  And amazingly, he never dropped the penny.  I was very impressed: I didn't expect him to be able to do this.  But a deal is a deal.  Next time I will make it harder for him: I want 3-strappy to get some more action.

I pondered what to do about the mess on the wall, dripping to the floor.  Of course I considered the idea that he should lick it up just like that.  But the OCD in me didn't think that this was healthy: I don't want him to get sick from germs or strong chemical cleaners.  So I just had him clean it with a sponge, some cleaner and paper towels.  Maybe next time I will be more organized and have him come onto a plate while kneeling, or something.  Sex play has to be hygienic for me.

Ok, that's the latest entry in my sexual domination of my husband Evan.

All you submissive men out there: Let's hear what you think.  As before, I am demanding a comment from all of you.  Follow my instructions and I will give Evan an extra beating this coming week, for no good reason.  Ignore my instructions and I will ignore Evan for a day (the worst punishment for you submissive boys).


Evan getting spanked: twisting away, so we can start to see his no-longer-erect penis

A good spank for perpetually naughty Evan.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

thanks for all the comments on ear-pulling / ear-marching

Dear boys (and your dominant girls):

Thank you very much for the great feedback on my last post, having to do with my discovery of "ear-marching" (a term that Julie brought to my attention: I love it).  Several days later, it has worked a couple more times, still at 100%.

By the way, I have been very impressed at the eloquence of your responses.  You are an impressive readership: I appreciate your comments and feedback very much.  Your comments are what fuel me to write more about my life with Evan.  So thank you, and keep it up.

Lots has happened in the last few days: I did a real number on Evan last night after he came home from a business trip.  It was so much fun!  I will tell you about that soon.  For now, I will leave you with another otk picture from a recent spanking of Evan.


Another red bottom for Evan

Monday, September 17, 2012

A shifting dynamic 2: the ear-pull as a way to bring about submission

Thank you all for your positive response to my last post.  Perhaps I have hit a nerve with many of you submissive men?  Do you all like the idea of your spouse pulling you by the ear when you are misbehaving?  Please answer in the comments section: I want to know what you all think.  I am happy to find out either way: yes or no.

Anyway, the ear-pull works wonders on Evan.  He can be in a foul mood, talking to me in a slightly condescending male way, and now bang, I grab his ear, and say, "Is that any way to talk to your wife?  I don't like it: stop it right now and apologize."  I am shocked to find out that this method *works* on him.  100% thus far: no signs of any rebellion when I grab his ear and twist a bit: no damage, but I make it hurt while I am talking to him.  He of course is much bigger and stronger than me, and he could easily pull away and stop me from doing this, but he allows this without any resistance at all.  This lets me know that I have found a weak point, and I now I plan to take advantage of it.  I can see how it flusters and confuses him: he stutters about being sorry, and then he apologizes, and I let go, and we go back to a more normal state.  I can see that he is strongly affected for a while after this.  It is amazing to see: this big, muscly guy, bent a little sideways, with my ear in his hand, listening intently to my instructions.  I have complete control over him like that, and it turns me on greatly.  More on this below.

For all you wives out there: if your man has said that he wants to be spanked, but then he doesn't obey you when you have a real conflict, I strongly suggest the ear pull.  It probably won't work all the time (what solution is ever perfect?), but so far so good for me.  In situations of true conflict, where Evan is genuinely annoyed over something in real life, the ear-pull has brought him around to good behavior in a matter of seconds.  I am not sure what's going on in his head when this happens, but he becomes a much better person to be around very quickly.

As I mentioned in my responses to some comments, I have already used the ear pull in public situations.  When Evan was acting up a little at the Home Depot the other day, I quickly grabbed his ear and told him to behave and be more respectful to me.  That quieted him down immediately, and he behaved right away, after apologizing.  I don't know if anyone saw, and I don't care.   I am not shy about wanting to be Evan's boss at home.  I am glad that he now wants it.  I am sure I will continue to do this not only in public, but also in front of our friends.  They already know that I am in charge (no secret there: I make it very obvious) so I don't think they will be surprised to see me grab his ear, and tell him to behave.  Probably the only people that I won't do this in front of are Evan's family, who don't really get his subservience to me.  To them, he is an alpha-male.  They don't get how he could do my bidding all the time. But that's ok: they don't have to understand, and I don't have to explain it to them, and neither does Evan.  We can be fine on our own.  I guess I also won't push my new-found control over Evan at his workplace: his bosses can think of him as an alpha-male there too, even though I know different.

In addition to working in normal life, the ear-pull has also worked at home to get Evan over my knee for a paddling, right when I wanted to give it to him, which surprised and elated me.  I had told him that I was going to paddle him last Thursday night, and he agreed.  He often agrees to this kind of a schedule in advance, even on the morning of the proposed event.  But when it comes to getting his pants down that evening, it hasn't always been easy to do.  He would back out, saying that we are both tired, and he is stressed and not in the mood etc., and I would then let him have his way, and let it go.  But not Thursday evening.  We had dinner with a friend of Evan's, and he didn't leave until late, maybe 11pm, and by that time we had shared 2 bottles of wine among the 3 of us.  I am pretty sure that Evan thought he was off the hook when his friend left: after we have a bit to drink, he has always been safe before.  But not on this night.  Once Evan's friend left, I told Evan to get his pants down and into the corner in the downstairs hallway.  I grabbed his ear and put him there, and held his ear until he dropped his pants, while he was standing in the corner.  I normally let Evan do all the cleaning up, but I was really turned on by his submission, so I left him there and told him to think about his behavior this past week, and whether he still deserved a paddling.  I then went to clean up in the kitchen.  I called out to him from the kitchen, asking him whether he was thinking about his behavior, and he responded "yes" quietly.  It was very exciting for me to have him there, pants down, in the corner, doing exactly as I demanded.  I cleaned up for a while, maybe ten minutes, then I took him upstairs for his paddling.  I would have him finish up the cleaning later.

When we arrived upstairs, I asked him if he had been a well-behaved boy this past week, and did he deserve a spanking?  He said that he thought he had been pretty well-behaved, and that he had done all that I had asked, when I asked.  I responded, yes, I agreed with that, but did that mean that he was well-behaved?  He said that he thought so, yes.  I responded that I disagreed.  He was not well behaved at all.  He had talked to me in a rude tone several times, so that I had had to grab his ear or hair and tell him off while this happened.  "Was that good behavior?" I asked.  "No," he agreed, "it wasn't."  It just wasn't.  "So now I am going to paddle you for this.  It's going to hurt, and you are going to deserve it.  But that will be good for you." He still had his pants down, so now I wanted him lying on the bed.  Once again, I grabbed his ear (the solution for everything these days), and dragged him to the bed and had him lie down.  I wanted to paddle him hard without him hurting my legs, which often happens when he squirms while he is lying over top of me.  I told him not to move while he was face down on the bed, or it would be worse.

Then I spanked him with my small heavy wooden purse-paddle (which I now have him call by name: "pursey").   I struck him hard maybe 20 times to start, whereupon he yelled out and complained, and started to roll over.  I told him to stay in position or it would be worse.  I gave him about 10 more hard smacks with this paddle, and he rolled out of position, and put his hands behind him to cover his bottom.  I warned him not to do this or it would be much worse: I had a plan, which I was going to enforce.  Eventually he got back in position, and I smacked him another 10 times or so, and he yelled a lot (what a baby!), rolled sideways, and covered his bottom with his hands.  "All right," I said, "I warned you."  Then I smacked his hands several times, pretty hard, while they protected his bottom.  Pursey the paddle is heavy: she is not to be trifled with.  That got his hands out of the way in a hurry.  And then I smacked the side of his thigh to get him back on his stomach: no more rolling sideways.  That really got his attention.  "Roll back in position," I commanded, "or it will just be worse."  He whimpered, and did what I asked.  I then told him that I was going to give him just 20 more smacks, but they would all be very hard.  If he stayed in position, that would be it: he would be done for the night.  But if he moved away, I would start over.  He made a hell of a racket during these 20, but he stayed in position for the 20.  I really laid on hard: I could tell that a bunch of these smacks were going to bruise him.  That's ok: he can take it.  He was naughty, and this is what he had coming.  He was wailing at the end, but he didn't squirm away too much, so I told him we were done with his paddling, and he had taken it well enough.  I would train him more later.  After prompting, he thanked me and hugged me close.

This was one time that he offered no coaching of me whatsoever: this was my doing, not his.  I think he is now getting what he deserves.

For my part, I was extremely turned on by his submissiveness.  So I had him get a pillow for his knees on the floor, and get to work on licking my pussy.  I came so fast: it was amazing.  It probably took him less than two minutes of his gentle licking on and around my clit to bring me off.  Wow.  I guess it had been a few days since I had last orgasmed, but this was fast.  After calming down a bit, I flipped over, and told him to fuck me deep from behind.  I love the feeling of his thick cock in me, especially from behind, my favorite position.  He hadn't come in a week or so, so I asked if he was close to coming.  He said no, he was safe yet.  I had him fuck me for a minute or two (not long!), and then I said that that was enough: I wanted to keep him hard for a few weeks yet (he still hasn't come yet, four days later (just getting started)), so I didn't want to risk letting him ejaculate that night.  I flipped back over on my back on the bed, and told him to get back to work, licking my pussy again.  It took a bit longer this time, but not much.  Evan later told me that I had come more quickly both the first and second time than he had ever remembered.  I agreed.  For his part, Evan was kneeling on the floor beside our bed, with a big erection, licking away, doing as he was told, for once.  What a turn on for both of us.  I sent him downstairs to clean the rest of the dishes in the kitchen, and then he came to bed with me.  I had him snuggle me from behind with his arms around me in a spooning position: my favorite! I could feel his big erection bobbing and poking me on my bottom.  No relief for you, Evan, not for a while yet.  We are going to try a milking month or two!  And you will listen to me, or I will grab your ear.  Then you will listen to me for sure.

I hope you have enjoyed this story.  It's 100% real life. Yes, I am sure you can tell that I am happy in our life together.

If you are a submissive man, then comment on my blog when you have read this story.  In honor of dominant women everywhere, do as I say.  I will happily grab your ear to make my point.  (If you are a dominant woman, then I would also of course appreciate your feedback, but I only ask you to do so as an equal, not as a dominant.)

Update: Tuesday, Sept 18.  Thank you for all the comments.  I will respond to them all below, very shortly.  Now I understand the way to get submissive men to comment: just tell them to do it.  Duh!  I should have realized that what works on Evan works on you guys.  It's taken me a while to get used to ordering Evan around, but it's easier all the time.  I am a fast learner.

just getting started (again!).  that one really hurt!

it's so nice that my big man allows me to spank him otk for his misdeeds.

he could get up if he really wanted to, but deep down he knows he needs this.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A shifting dynamic: Turning into a stricter wife

Evan and I seem to be going through a great period in our marriage: we are both very happy right now.  I think that this contentment is a result of a lot of recent communication, and some changes that we have made.  I will elaborate here and in some posts to come.

As I had written fairly recently, we hadn't been as Deirdre-led as I would have liked over the past couple of years.  But life is a process, not a goal, and so I was happy with what we had, which was wonderful, even if not always bump-free.  However, I could tell that Evan seemed to be less excited by the female-led component of our life than he used to be, so I opened a dialogue, where we could talk about what would make it better.  I was surprised to hear that he would like me to lead him more than I had been doing.  What he meant by this is that he would like me to be more "strict" with him when he misbehaves in some way, in my view.

His misbehaving isn't a frequent event, but sometimes he is stressed at work over something or other, and he can take it out on me (like many people do).  What he was asking me to do is to draw his attention to these events, and tell him off strictly at the time that they occur, with the goal of lowering the frequency of these events.  At least, that would be my goal for my new strictness.  From his perspective, he likes the idea of a strict wife.

We talked about his motivation for wanting a strict wife.  According to him, it's twofold: (1) he is very excited by the idea (in principle); and (2) he hoped that he would accomplish more goals in his life with some external motivation.  We also talked about why it is that he is turned on by having a strict wife.  I think that it's hard to know for sure, because it's hard to have conscious access to the sources of what interest us and excite us in our personal psychology.  But he has a plausible source of this desire in him: his mother was quite strict with him growing up.  Not only did she spank him on occasion (with a wooden spoon, applied hard to his bare bottom; just a few hard spanks for a misbehaving child), but she also was strict with him in other ways, in the way that she raised him more generally.  Frankly, it doesn't sound like how I would raise a child.  I would never strike a child, and from his description, there wasn't enough cuddling and open affection in Evan's childhood.  But that's what Evan got, and he's not upset with his mother at all for this.  It's how he was raised, and so it's all he knew while growing up.  He can't change what he got, and it made him who he is.  It's up to him and me to enjoy him for who he is: a grown man who likes to have a strict wife.

Anyway, I listened to all this, and I agreed to give it a try.  What I am now doing is taking a strict tone with Evan when he misbehaves in some way.  What this means practically is that I grab his ear or some of his hair on the side of his head, and I talk to him forcefully about how I want him to change his behavior, right at the time that he is acting up.  Let me give you an example.  While stuck in traffic (something that he hates) he started talking to me in a slightly rude tone one morning.  I knew that he was annoyed at the traffic (which was stopped), and this was a likely cause for his cranky tone.  But I wanted him to not talk to me like that.  So I quickly grabbed his ear, turned it a little, and told him not to talk to me that way, and apologize.  So far, I have been amazed at the power I have over him when I grab his ear or hair: he calms right down, and apologizes!  If I had only known this years ago, I would have been doing this for years.  I guess that is getting ahead of ourselves, because we don't know if this will work in the long term.  But for the short term -- over the past 2 weeks -- it has been great.  Evan is far better behaved, and so far, he says he has been working more efficiently too.  So for us, it appears to be working.

In addition, the ear-grab trick seems to work so far, even for getting him over my knee.  I will elaborate on this more in my next post.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

visiting Europe in the fall

Hello everyone:

Evan and I will be traveling to Europe for a couple of weeks this fall.  Although we have some definite plans for one week, the other week is open as to where we will be.

If you are a woman or a couple living in Europe, and you would like to meet up with me and Evan, please email me as to your location and your time availability.  Mostly, we would love to get some advice on what local sites to see, and we'd like to meet people of similar interests.

I won't rule out the possibility of meeting single men, but if you are a man without a female partner, please don't ask for me to spank you.  On the other hand, if you just want to watch me spank Evan, or you even want to spank him yourself, I won't rule that out.  But we've never done anything like that yet, so it would be best to meet and get to know you first.

As I say, mostly, we are interested in meeting people of similar interests, and seeing new places.

If you might like to meet, please email me or Evan.

We hope to hear from some of you,


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Saturday, September 8, 2012

spanking your man: some advice

Hi all:

On google's blogger, I can see how people have searched in order to find my blog.  Below, I list a few of search strings that people have used to find my blog in recent days.  The ones that I like best are the ones that appear to be a woman searching for information about how to spank her husband.  If you are a woman looking for information on how to spank your husband (possibly because he wants this) I hope you find me, and I hope that what you find here is helpful to you.

Most importantly, try not to judge your husband harshly for having this desire.  It's just how he is wired: he doesn't want to be this way any more than anyone who is gay or straight wants to be gay or straight: they just are that way.  Unlike being straight / gay, it is possible that the need to be spanked is partially determined by his upbringing: maybe he was spanked as a child, and getting spanked was a manifestation of closeness and/or sexuality that grew in him, through no fault of his own.  He is this way, and he will probably always be this way, because things that happen to us in childhood are difficult to change.  So the more understanding of his need you can be, the better.

If he's like Evan, then you don't need to worry about being gentle with him.  A man's bottom is a pretty harmless place to strike him.  If your man is fit and in good health, he can take a good, hard spanking with the back of a hairbrush on his bare bottom.  I recommend using a simple wooden hairbrush or wooden bath brush.  A thick one is better than a thin one: a thin one may break surprisingly easily.  Start slowly: maybe he won't like it as much as he thinks he will.  Start with maybe 10-20 smacks on his bare bottom while he is over your knee.  You may be nervous when spanking him, but he will probably be just as nervous getting spanked by you.  Try to make him feel comfortable, by letting him know that it's ok for him to have these feelings, and that you aren't bothered or threatened by his needs (assuming that this is true).  It may be difficult for you to spank  hard to start: don't worry about this.  Spank as hard or lightly as you are comfortable with, and talk about it after with your man.  He may try to tell you how to do it better (that's called "topping from the bottom"): try not to let this bother you.  He may have some fantasy that he is trying to get you to act out for him.  Tell him that you understand that he has all these fantasies inside him, but if he wants it to be good with *you*, then he will have to let you lead your way, whatever that may be.  Keep in mind that things will grow and change rapidly over the first few times that you spank him.  Don't try to get it "perfect" the first time.  It will grow and be better as long as you communicate well with each other, and as long as you don't try to make each other into something that you're not.  Try to reassure him that you will do your best, but tell him that you will do what's comfortable for you too.

Mostly, I recommend sympathizing with your man: he is opening up to you about his feelings.  Try not to make him feel bad for having them.

Good luck to all of you,



Here are the search strings.  Of course, most of these are probably from men looking for jerk-off material.  There's nothing wrong with that: I hope that many men jerk off to my blog!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deirdre follows through: husband figged and spanked

Hi all:

Ok, so I am following up on my post from Monday, where Deirdre promised to give me a spanking on Monday night.  In brief, she meant what she said: I still have the bruises to prove it.

Deirdre had a long day at work on Monday (even though it was a holiday), doing some things that had to be done.  She was at her work from 8am until 8pm, while I was working at home.  She told me to come pick her up at her workplace at 8pm, and to make sure that I gave myself an enema before then so that I would be cleaned out when I got her.  She said that she wanted to spank me when we got home without delay.  I asked why I needed an enema for that, she didn't elaborate, and told me to wait and find out. 

I picked her up at 8pm sharp, and we drove home.  She then asked me to prepare her a light snack and some wine, and she told me to get the living room ready for my spanking, with the ottoman that she likes to use.  She also told me to set up the video camera, as we would be filming the spanking, to show everyone on the internet how I receive a hard spanking from my wife.  She went upstairs to change while I made these preparations.  I brought her a glass of nice red wine, and she was pleased with this.  She put on a sexy outfit for the video, and came downstairs to the kitchen.  In the kitchen, I saw what she had in store for me: she had bought two thick fingers of ginger from the supermarket.  She had me shave the outside of the ginger fingers off, in preparation so that she could "fig" me for my spanking.

(To "fig" someone is to insert a finger of shaved ginger into their anus.  The idea is that the ginger burns (harmlessly) in the surface of the anus and rectum, causing prominent discomfort.  Then when one is spanked, one focuses on the figging, trying not to clench the bottom cheeks, because then it will burn more if one clenches.  This was Deirdre's goal: to get me to lie as still as possible (no clenching, no moving) so that she could spank me soundly without too much struggling.)

We had done this a couple of times before, a few years ago.  She told me that she remembered that I had remarked a while ago that in our video collection of my spankings, I didn't squirm nearly so much during a spanking in which she had figged me.  So she wanted to try it right then, to make it easier for her, and also to entertain the viewing public, who don't get to see a figging and spanking very often. She also thought it would embarrass me to have a thick ginger root inserted in my bottom on camera for the world to see.

Well, she was certainly right about all this.  My heart sped up rapidly at that moment.  But unfortunately, an erection gave me away: even though I was scared and embarrassed by these ideas, I couldn't help that they excited me too.

We went to the living room, where Deirdre had some more wine.  Then she turned on the video camera and had me bend over, and then inserted a ginger root.  (She had me cut two, but that was only in case one broke during the shaving / cutting process.  We only used one: that was enough!  The other is still in the fridge.)

The ginger root was cold on the surface, but it only took a few seconds before it started to do its work: it burned deeply in my anus.  It's a strange sensation to describe.  Basically, when the ginger is in, all I want is to get it out.  It burns in a slow but just bearable way: it's not over-the-top, but it's highly noticeable.  All my attention is on my anus when being figged.  I remembered the earlier times when we had done this, and I knew I was now going to be in for a tough spanking.  I already couldn't wait for it to end, and we hadn't even begun.  The figging had a strong effect on my penis: with that burning sensation, my erection disappeared quickly.  This pleased Deirdre: she was happy to see the strong effect of the figging so quickly.

She set up the ottoman in a good position near the camera, and she told me that she was going to give me 12 minutes of spanking.  Earlier that day, she had said 10 minutes (which I thought was a huge amount) but she reminded me that on an earlier day, I had promised her 2 extra minutes beyond whatever she would give me, and so that meant 12 minutes.  At this point, I just wanted the ginger out of my anus, and I couldn't really imagine all this spanking time, so the difference between 10 and 12 minutes wasn't noticeable.  She had me bend over her knee, resting on the ottoman, so that not much weight is on her, and then she started spanking, using a paddle that we bought from the Disciplinary Wives Club many years ago.

The first minute is usually the worst, because she usually spanks extremely hard right from the start.  But I guess she was feeling a bit sorry for me, so she didn't spank quite as hard as usual in the first minute.  I felt it a lot, but it was actually bearable.  She gave me a break of a minute after the first minute interval, and then started the second minute.  The second minute was similarly bearable.  However, the third minute was a whole different story.  At this point she started spanking with nearly full force, with our bath brush.  Furthermore, she aimed for the edges of my bottom: the left and right edge, the very top, and down to the thighs. I don't remember much of this, but I watched the video, and I am in serious distress from the 3rd minute on.

I really like the video: it's very clear from the video that I really hate the process of being spanked.  At one point during the video, I yell out, "no, no, please, please, please, not there, not there again, no please, please, please (etc)".  I have no imagination for what to say when I am being spanked: I say the most inane things over and over. And you can see that Deirdre gauges my reactions so that she hits me exactly where I complain the most.  So when I am yelling "no, no, please, please", Deirdre takes this as a signal that she has found a good spot, and she will keep hitting there again and again, trying to get me to yell louder.  At least that it how it feels.  I asked her afterwards if she is doing this, and she said, yes, of course.  She suggested that I might plan my reactions better: if I want to avoid getting spanked in a certain area, I shouldn't react so much when she spanks there.  But this is impossible advice to follow.  (And she knows it.)

After the fourth minute, she decided that it would be best if I were to bend over the ottoman on my own, no longer across her lap, so she could get some better swings with the paddles.  She gave me two more minutes like this.  She was really swinging hard, and fast too.  I counted over 80 spanks in each of the 6 minutes.  After the six minutes, she could see that I was going to be very bruised, and so she said I was done for the night.  Thank goodness for that: six minutes was plenty.

She said that I should post some good photos from the video.  So here they are.  I have to say that all these photos with the ginger in my anus are quite embarrassing.

Later that evening, after we had had a late dinner, I said something that annoyed her.  It wasn't to do with the spanking, but it annoyed her.  For some reason, I was feeling cheeky, and I goaded her on a bit, thinking we were done for the night, and I would be safe from further spanking.  This was decidedly not true.  She became quite annoyed, and she told me to get my pants off and lie on the bed: I was really going to get it now.  This was exciting and scary at the same time: I didn't want to upset her, but I was excited by this take-charge aggressive attitude.  I once again took my pants down, and lay on the bed.  I was well bruised by now, but she didn't mind at all.  She proceeded to spank me with full force for about 10-20 spanks (think the hardest kind of Nuwest / Leda spanking, if you know what I mean), whereupon I couldn't take it and struggled away.  She spoke very sternly to me to get back in place if I knew what was good for me.  She only gave me about 20 more spanks, but they were close to as hard as she could give.  She doesn't like to spank when she is angry, but she made an exception here, because I had been goading her, and I deserved this.  I yelled a great deal during all this, and then I apologized profusely once she was done.  This was my fault, and I had aggravated her unnecessarily.  She forgave me without any issue, and we snuggled the night away.  She was tired, and didn't want sex, and she said that I wasn't getting any for a while yet.

All in all, it was a wonderful night.  Thank you Deirdre for being such a wonderful caring woman for me.  It's so fantastic to be accepted as a naughty husband.  I adore you.


getting figged

getting figged: pushing the ginger in deep

well figged: no erection

figged: time to bend over and get spanked.  See how pale my bottom is?  That doesn't last long.
the start of the spanking

that's the first of 80+ spanks in the first minute
spanked with a kooboo paddle: that hurts. (and yes, that's a nice view of D's right breast: it's a low cut shirt)

kooboo paddle 2

kooboo 3: this is a much better view than I had at the time

ouch: I kick a lot, even when figged.  it's just so intense

re-figged, just for D's amusement

pushing it in

a little harder: have to get it all the way in

spanked on the ottoman: bigger swings with a bath bruch

spanked on the ottoman: lots of kicking, now that I am off her lap

spanked on the ottoman 3

spanked on the ottoman 4
well spanked

well spanked 2
well spanked 3: a very red, bruised bottom.  Deirdre says it's a job well done.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Before and after

As we await my lovely wife's approval of my version of our Monday evening together, here are a couple more photos: before and after.  As you can see, she did a superlative job, as always.  I made a lot of fuss, but that's the way it goes.


Deirdre is ready to go: Time to get across her lap.
All finished: very red, a job well done.  Some of these marks will last a while.

Evan follows through

Hello everyone:

Well, I followed through, and submitted to a spanking on Monday night as promised.  It was quite intense.  I have written about it, but I need Deirdre's approval before posting.  She said that she can get to it today / tonight.  In the meantime, here is a picture from the resulting video.  As you can see, she dressed up for the video.  Me, I got dressed down, in more ways than one.  More to come later with the full story.


Deirdre spanking me on Labor Day.  Ouch.