Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deirdre follows through: husband figged and spanked

Hi all:

Ok, so I am following up on my post from Monday, where Deirdre promised to give me a spanking on Monday night.  In brief, she meant what she said: I still have the bruises to prove it.

Deirdre had a long day at work on Monday (even though it was a holiday), doing some things that had to be done.  She was at her work from 8am until 8pm, while I was working at home.  She told me to come pick her up at her workplace at 8pm, and to make sure that I gave myself an enema before then so that I would be cleaned out when I got her.  She said that she wanted to spank me when we got home without delay.  I asked why I needed an enema for that, she didn't elaborate, and told me to wait and find out. 

I picked her up at 8pm sharp, and we drove home.  She then asked me to prepare her a light snack and some wine, and she told me to get the living room ready for my spanking, with the ottoman that she likes to use.  She also told me to set up the video camera, as we would be filming the spanking, to show everyone on the internet how I receive a hard spanking from my wife.  She went upstairs to change while I made these preparations.  I brought her a glass of nice red wine, and she was pleased with this.  She put on a sexy outfit for the video, and came downstairs to the kitchen.  In the kitchen, I saw what she had in store for me: she had bought two thick fingers of ginger from the supermarket.  She had me shave the outside of the ginger fingers off, in preparation so that she could "fig" me for my spanking.

(To "fig" someone is to insert a finger of shaved ginger into their anus.  The idea is that the ginger burns (harmlessly) in the surface of the anus and rectum, causing prominent discomfort.  Then when one is spanked, one focuses on the figging, trying not to clench the bottom cheeks, because then it will burn more if one clenches.  This was Deirdre's goal: to get me to lie as still as possible (no clenching, no moving) so that she could spank me soundly without too much struggling.)

We had done this a couple of times before, a few years ago.  She told me that she remembered that I had remarked a while ago that in our video collection of my spankings, I didn't squirm nearly so much during a spanking in which she had figged me.  So she wanted to try it right then, to make it easier for her, and also to entertain the viewing public, who don't get to see a figging and spanking very often. She also thought it would embarrass me to have a thick ginger root inserted in my bottom on camera for the world to see.

Well, she was certainly right about all this.  My heart sped up rapidly at that moment.  But unfortunately, an erection gave me away: even though I was scared and embarrassed by these ideas, I couldn't help that they excited me too.

We went to the living room, where Deirdre had some more wine.  Then she turned on the video camera and had me bend over, and then inserted a ginger root.  (She had me cut two, but that was only in case one broke during the shaving / cutting process.  We only used one: that was enough!  The other is still in the fridge.)

The ginger root was cold on the surface, but it only took a few seconds before it started to do its work: it burned deeply in my anus.  It's a strange sensation to describe.  Basically, when the ginger is in, all I want is to get it out.  It burns in a slow but just bearable way: it's not over-the-top, but it's highly noticeable.  All my attention is on my anus when being figged.  I remembered the earlier times when we had done this, and I knew I was now going to be in for a tough spanking.  I already couldn't wait for it to end, and we hadn't even begun.  The figging had a strong effect on my penis: with that burning sensation, my erection disappeared quickly.  This pleased Deirdre: she was happy to see the strong effect of the figging so quickly.

She set up the ottoman in a good position near the camera, and she told me that she was going to give me 12 minutes of spanking.  Earlier that day, she had said 10 minutes (which I thought was a huge amount) but she reminded me that on an earlier day, I had promised her 2 extra minutes beyond whatever she would give me, and so that meant 12 minutes.  At this point, I just wanted the ginger out of my anus, and I couldn't really imagine all this spanking time, so the difference between 10 and 12 minutes wasn't noticeable.  She had me bend over her knee, resting on the ottoman, so that not much weight is on her, and then she started spanking, using a paddle that we bought from the Disciplinary Wives Club many years ago.

The first minute is usually the worst, because she usually spanks extremely hard right from the start.  But I guess she was feeling a bit sorry for me, so she didn't spank quite as hard as usual in the first minute.  I felt it a lot, but it was actually bearable.  She gave me a break of a minute after the first minute interval, and then started the second minute.  The second minute was similarly bearable.  However, the third minute was a whole different story.  At this point she started spanking with nearly full force, with our bath brush.  Furthermore, she aimed for the edges of my bottom: the left and right edge, the very top, and down to the thighs. I don't remember much of this, but I watched the video, and I am in serious distress from the 3rd minute on.

I really like the video: it's very clear from the video that I really hate the process of being spanked.  At one point during the video, I yell out, "no, no, please, please, please, not there, not there again, no please, please, please (etc)".  I have no imagination for what to say when I am being spanked: I say the most inane things over and over. And you can see that Deirdre gauges my reactions so that she hits me exactly where I complain the most.  So when I am yelling "no, no, please, please", Deirdre takes this as a signal that she has found a good spot, and she will keep hitting there again and again, trying to get me to yell louder.  At least that it how it feels.  I asked her afterwards if she is doing this, and she said, yes, of course.  She suggested that I might plan my reactions better: if I want to avoid getting spanked in a certain area, I shouldn't react so much when she spanks there.  But this is impossible advice to follow.  (And she knows it.)

After the fourth minute, she decided that it would be best if I were to bend over the ottoman on my own, no longer across her lap, so she could get some better swings with the paddles.  She gave me two more minutes like this.  She was really swinging hard, and fast too.  I counted over 80 spanks in each of the 6 minutes.  After the six minutes, she could see that I was going to be very bruised, and so she said I was done for the night.  Thank goodness for that: six minutes was plenty.

She said that I should post some good photos from the video.  So here they are.  I have to say that all these photos with the ginger in my anus are quite embarrassing.

Later that evening, after we had had a late dinner, I said something that annoyed her.  It wasn't to do with the spanking, but it annoyed her.  For some reason, I was feeling cheeky, and I goaded her on a bit, thinking we were done for the night, and I would be safe from further spanking.  This was decidedly not true.  She became quite annoyed, and she told me to get my pants off and lie on the bed: I was really going to get it now.  This was exciting and scary at the same time: I didn't want to upset her, but I was excited by this take-charge aggressive attitude.  I once again took my pants down, and lay on the bed.  I was well bruised by now, but she didn't mind at all.  She proceeded to spank me with full force for about 10-20 spanks (think the hardest kind of Nuwest / Leda spanking, if you know what I mean), whereupon I couldn't take it and struggled away.  She spoke very sternly to me to get back in place if I knew what was good for me.  She only gave me about 20 more spanks, but they were close to as hard as she could give.  She doesn't like to spank when she is angry, but she made an exception here, because I had been goading her, and I deserved this.  I yelled a great deal during all this, and then I apologized profusely once she was done.  This was my fault, and I had aggravated her unnecessarily.  She forgave me without any issue, and we snuggled the night away.  She was tired, and didn't want sex, and she said that I wasn't getting any for a while yet.

All in all, it was a wonderful night.  Thank you Deirdre for being such a wonderful caring woman for me.  It's so fantastic to be accepted as a naughty husband.  I adore you.


getting figged

getting figged: pushing the ginger in deep

well figged: no erection

figged: time to bend over and get spanked.  See how pale my bottom is?  That doesn't last long.
the start of the spanking

that's the first of 80+ spanks in the first minute
spanked with a kooboo paddle: that hurts. (and yes, that's a nice view of D's right breast: it's a low cut shirt)

kooboo paddle 2

kooboo 3: this is a much better view than I had at the time

ouch: I kick a lot, even when figged.  it's just so intense

re-figged, just for D's amusement

pushing it in

a little harder: have to get it all the way in

spanked on the ottoman: bigger swings with a bath bruch

spanked on the ottoman: lots of kicking, now that I am off her lap

spanked on the ottoman 3

spanked on the ottoman 4
well spanked

well spanked 2
well spanked 3: a very red, bruised bottom.  Deirdre says it's a job well done.


  1. great pictureso of course i like the getting into the otk position and otk spanking best. Deirdre reall is talented at using all of those implements. the vermont brush is one of my favorites. great shots. thanks for posting and sharing them.

    1. Thanks, Tommy. It's great to hear from you.

  2. Replies
    1. We won't be posting any videos: there is too much information about our identities in videos.

  3. All I can say is wow! Thanks for posting.


  4. Great description and pics, Evan!
    Sounds like fun!

  5. :) It never ceases to amaze me what I learn about from others. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  6. That was a nice post, Evan. Good job! I will get the six minutes you owe me later.



  7. Poor evan, once again!

    That very first shot of D inserting the ginger root made me laugh out loud! NOW I know why you weren't hard as you were going over sexy Deirdre's lap!

    I love how OCD Deirdre is with the watch, it's very cute! ;-)

    Also, is it just me, or does anybody else think that the ginger root in evan's butt makes it look like he has a pussy?

    1. Oh, Ms. Julie,
      Tsk, tsk, tsk!
      I just can't take you anywhere.
      You can't touch me!
      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    2. Hi Julie:

      It's always great to hear from you.
      I understand why you laughed when you saw these ridiculous pictures of Evan. But he didn't laugh when I stuck the ginger in his butt! He was very quiet. In fact, he was very quiet for quite a while during his spanking: I had to really lay it on to get him to yell, so that I know he's feeling it.

      Yes, I am OCD. No question about it. I am timing his spanking, so I do it right, down to the second.

      I see what you mean about the pictures of the ginger looking like a pussy. That's pretty funny! (In real life, it doesn't really look like a pussy: I think it only looks like that from a distance.)

  8. Evan,

    Thanks, just amazing, well done sir and your lady and loving lap is just wonderful and beautiful as well. Boy she sure can spank.

    1. Thanks Ron!

      (I took over for responding to comments for now. Evan is doing some corner time right now. I have some peace and quiet where I can work for a bit.)


    2. Again, ma'am, he is one lucky man, as are you one wonderful lady!

  9.! I'm tenting my panties, thinking about getting the same treatment! Must try figging (er, I think!)
    The size difference between you two stands out so well in these pics... very hot. Especially with Evan's big red ass and Dierdre's petite sexy body, thanks you two!

    1. Hi Sar:

      yes, Evan is much bigger than me. I am not so small: I am an average sized woman (5'6"). He is just pretty darn big. I like it that way: getting this big guy to submit to me is a lot of fun. It's especially fun to do it in front of others: they love to see a big guy like him do what the little wife demands.

      Regarding figging, any woman that pegs her man should definitely try a figging sometime: he will complain so much. It's so much fun.


  10. Deirdre, both you and your work are beautiful. One day, very soon, this may happen to me.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I hope you get what you need, and more than you expect. (I always think submissives should be pushed a bit.)

  11. Ouch! That was a great post Evan. You have made it very clear how hard Deirdre spanks you. No wonder you don't like to go on the bench if this was a less severe spanking. Susan has spanked my bottom to that state, but only as part of a punishment spanking.

    What were your thoughts when Deirdre told you to give yourself an enema before you picked her up. Did figging even enter your mind? Since Susan has never tried figging with me, I'm afraid my initial thoughts would have been her strapon.

    1. Hi Barry:

      Deirdre here. What can I say? Evan told me early in our relationship that a spanking should always hurt. A spanking from me is for naughty boys, and they get it hard. That's how I like it: they have to really want it to stop.

      I will ask Evan to respond regarding the figging / enema question. I don't think he knew what was up: we hadn't done a figging for several years. It was a good change of pace, from my perspective.

      All my best to you and Susan.