Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feedback on our spanking bench

Thank you all for the feedback on my recent posts. It's very nice to know that people are reading my blog. As I have mentioned to some of you in email, one of the points of this blog is to put the idea out there in the mainstream that it's ok for a woman to beat their husbands' bottoms, if both partners enjoy this activity.

Rob says: "I can only begin to imagine how intimidating this must be for Evan, knowing he cannot control the punishment."

Yes, Evan is frightened of the bench. In fact, it's hard to get him to go on with any regularity! I will talk about this sometime later: I need ways to get him on the bench when I say (which is hard to enforce).

"On the other hand, it must be a total thrill for you to see him in this position, so totally vulnerable."

Yes, definitely. I like having him there very much.

Hank's Sara says: "tell me do you leave him in that position after the spanking for a bit? Such a great visual I must confess."

I don't think that I have left him on the bench for more than an hour at the most. It's an interesting idea to leave him on for longer sometime: I may try that.

Rachel asks: "Do you wear your swimsuit as you have evan in position? Is he hairy on his butt or is this natural?"

No, I have never spanked Evan while wearing a swimsuit. I typically spank Evan in the evening, and I don't often wear a swimsuit in the evening.

In answer to Rachel's second question, Evan is not very hairy on his butt. That is his natural non-hairiness. But part of the reason that he looks hairless is that the camera overexposed the scene. That's also the reason that you can't see how deep red his bottom got.

One anonymous commenter suggests that I fig Evan while he is on the bench, with the practice of "figging" consisting of inserting a piece of ginger into the anus, which causes a burning sensation.

I have figged Evan on several occasions. I will write a blog entry about that sometime. It will also not surprise you that (a) Evan suggested it originally; and (b) he doesn't like it at all. The ginger seems to have a strong effect on him (which is entertaining for me).

Carl says: "do you get tired while spanking Evan? 60 to 100 spanks per minute for 3-5 minutes is a lot of work! You're obviously in good shape, but I wonder if you get out of breath, arm tired, or sweaty."

I usually spank for 1-2 minutes at a time, for a total of 5-10 minutes. This hurts Evan a lot, and yes, it does get a bit tiring toward the end of each timed piece. But I don't do this for long enough to get sweaty or out of breath. And I have a pair of dumbbells that help me keep my arms in a good shape.

SubguyinAtl says: "When you moved down to the thighs, I would be screaming and crying like a 10 year old. Does Evan humiliate himself like I would by completely losing control?"

Evan certainly yells a lot when I spank his thighs. But he yells a lot when I start on his bottom also. I don't know if there is any difference in the kind of yelling he does: both are very intense. It's when he stops yelling so loudly that I typically move to an unmarked territory (such as the thighs) and start there. That usually gets him yelling again pretty quickly.

I don't know about "humiliating himself": it's pretty humiliating to be tied down like that to start with. He definitely loses control when I spank him on the bench. The spankings always go well past his comfort level, so he is crying out for long periods for me to stop.

Redtail says: "I have never been restrained during an adult spanking, but it is a hope that someday my wife will agree to restraining me. I am like Evan and usually end up stopping the spanking when i think I have had enough."

Evan says that the bench spankings have satisfied him completely on ever wanting to be out of control: when on the bench, he has no control over what happens next, and it always goes well beyond what would be his limits if he were over my knee. I wish that I were strong enough to restrain him myself over my knee (with no need for the bench), but the bench is a good substitute for our strength imbalance.

Finally, Carl says "You must be a terribly good aim to be so near to his sensitive penis and testicles with the paddle. I cringe at the thought if you caught the inner thigh just slightly too much and nicked the sensitive bits. Yikes! Has it ever happened?"

It's not hard at all to aim well with my paddles. I have never hit him in a place that I didn't aim for using my paddles. If I want to spank his inner thighs or cheeks, I can pull the cheek out and spank with the other hand. However, it's harder to aim with a cane or a strap. We have a three-tailed strap that I really like: I can aim quite well with it, striking very hard. However, it's hard to aim where the three tails will all hit exactly. Once, while aiming for his near cheek, I managed to nick his testicles, just a tiny bit. What a yell followed that strike! He was screaming as loudly as he could, at a different frequency when that happened. I still gave him a few more strikes, and then asked him what he was yelling about. He told me, and so I checked his balls very carefully. There was no mark or suggestion of damage. However, I was careful not to strike him there again. I had recorded that spanking, and in watching the recording, we could see his balls get a slight touch of my strap. It was such a slight contact, for such a loud response. I suppose it hurt a lot, but there was no real damage at all. I should have spanked him a lot longer and harder after that for making such a fuss.

More pictures to come later. My best to all. Keep the comments coming.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The bench and the lexan paddle

Hi all:

I have had some emails asking where we got the spanking bench. Evan bought this for me at for around $400 a few years ago. This is a very well-built bench. Evan is over 200 lbs, and the bench holds him very easily with no visible wear and tear, even after many uses. We haven't tried possible competitor benches, so we don't know if our bench is either the best value or the best quality out there. But it has served us very well, and so we definitely recommend it.

Regarding my lexan paddle, it's 3/8" thick, with holes in it (which I doubt make any difference to the effect, but they look menacing). Evan got this for me from . I don't know if this paddle is unbreakable, but I have not been able to damage it in any way while striking Evan's bottom. I think it will win in a battle against Evan's behind.

Finally, one commenter asked if I shave Evan's behind. No, that's just his natural bald bottom state. He is not a very hairy man, except on his head. He has a little bit of hair on his bottom, but it's not visible in those camera shots.

Thanks for all the kind comments. Yes, Evan and I do have a good time together.

Talk to you more soon,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Evan on the bench

Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the nice comments regarding the pictures of me. I appreciate your kind words very much. I like to look sexy for Evan, and for other people too.

Here are a few more pictures of Evan on the bench. I can tell when his bottom "warms up", after a minute or two of spanking, because he stops yelling so loudly. I then often move down a bit to his lower bottom or his thighs. This really gets his attention, and he will start yelling to me to please stop again. Of course, I don't stop until the allotted time is up: we have made an agreement as to the punishment length, and I have to follow through.

Comments are always appreciated.


Friday, April 23, 2010

some more pics of me with a paddle

Here are a couple of shots of me in a bathing suit holding my favorite paddle. I like to turn Evan on by wearing a sexy bathing suit, and then spank him while he is excited. This keeps us both happy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Evan strapped to our spanking bench

I have promised some pictures of Evan strapped to our spanking bench. Here are a few, as promised.

I really like our spanking bench because Evan is completely immobile there: he can't move out of the way at all, as he tends to do when I am spanking him over my lap. Typically, when I spank Evan on the bench, I like to spank him for fixed periods of time, starting with one minute, and working up to 2-3 minutes, depending on my mood. (You can see in many of these pictures that I am holding a watch.) The total spanking time will range from 6 to 10 or more minutes (which is quite a long time, if you ask Evan). I use a variety of implements, including paddles, straps and canes. The pictures below show a few of the spanks from the first minute of a bench spanking. I can usually get in between 60 and 100 spanks each minute, and sometimes more, if I want to. Evan has counted over 150 in a minute of some spankings on the bench that we have filmed. That's about as fast as I can spank, while keeping up the intensity of each spank.

I am using a lexan paddle in this part of his spanking. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I never bother spanking with my hand: I can't hurt Evan that way. I always use some kind of implement when spanking, even when just starting out. And as I have stated earlier, I never spank lightly. Although I don't spank as hard as I possibly can all the time, I try to swing hard with each spank. It's especially easy for me to spank hard when Evan is strapped to the bench because (a) he can't move out of the way; and (b) I have a free range of motion, without him getting in the way, as he does when he is over my lap.

As you can see, Evan is completely immobile when he is strapped to the bench. His legs, arms and body are secured tightly, so he cannot move at all. The bench is well padded, so it's perfectly comfortable until I start spanking. But there is no pain from the bench itself. I can leave him strapped there for an hour or more, with no pain other than a bruised bottom.

You can also see that Evan is naked when I strap him to the bench. After he is strapped down, I sometimes play with his penis and balls in this exposed position, until he is very erect. I then spank away the erection, which takes a surprising amount of time, given all the noise that he makes.

I did not touch him before this spanking, however, and so his penis is tucked well underneath him.

This was one of the first spanks. I like the nice rippling effect on his bottom. Unfortunately, the color is not very good in this video. The light in the room wasn't ideal for filming. I have found that our camera picks up the color of Evan's spanked bottom best using natural daylight, but this spanking was in the evening, lit by lights in the room.

You can see from the ripples on his bottom that I am spanking hard. Also, notice that he is already squirming from side to side, as much as he can (which isn't much). You can also see the tip of his penis making an appearance as he moves himself forward and backward on the bench a little bit.

In this last series of shots, you can see that Evan is shifting around as much as he can, trying to avoid the paddle. He is unsuccessful: I can spank him exactly where I want to.

In this last pair of shots, you can see that Evan's bottom is starting to get red after many spanks. The color in the video really didn't do this spanking justice: his bottom was red at this point (and was soon to get redder). You can also see him arching his back as much as the bench will allow him to, so that you can see the back of his head in the first picture. He was in a lot of distress at this point in the spanking, yelling to me to please stop.

Evan tells me that the first minute on the bench is usually the worst, and, judging by the noise he makes, I believe him. I can see that he tries to take it "like a man" as best as he can when we start, but the spanks clearly hurt a lot. By around ten seconds or so (10 or more spanks), he usually calls out to stop, or to not spank so hard. Unfortunately for him, this is just the beginning. By the time we get to around 20 seconds (20-30 spanks), he is yelling more freely, starting to beg me to stop and give him a break. But I never give him such a break. I like this time very much, while he is exposed and immobile, begging me to stop. His yelling lets me know that I am doing a good job. He often starts really yelling loudly at about 30 seconds through, but I don't slow down at all. As he yells more, I usually advise him that it's ok for him to yell, and that perhaps if he starts to cry, he will feel better. In any case, I just keep spanking until the allotted time is up.

Ironically, Evan bought this bench for me because he wanted to feel what it was like to give up control completely. Because he is so much bigger and stronger than me, I can't hold him down to give him a spanking as I wish: it's really up to him if he wants to stop it at any point. And, in practice, he will in fact stop me if it's too much, as you can see in the pictures in previous posts. When Evan squirms so much, I end up having to stop to get him back in position. Our bench eliminates any possibility of him being able to stop the spanking. He has to take what I give him, when I say. This is exciting to both him and me. It is very exciting for me to have him there at my mercy.

As one might imagine, Evan says that it is scary being strapped to the bench before a spanking, waiting for the spanking to start. I can tell that he is nervous then. He says that it is unbearable being spanked like that, tied down, with no hope of escape until I say it's over. He says that the pain is hard to describe. If he could remember it, I doubt he would get back on the bench for later trips. But there is clearly something exciting for him there, because he always returns.

Ok, that's enough for now. Posting really takes a lot of time! Please post your comments. I appreciate the feedback.

Love to all,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the kind comments. I am glad you all missed me: it's nice to feel like my contribution was wanted.

I have a question for you: I have read about the effect of stinging nettles on a bare bottom before and/or after spanking. I would like to try this on Evan sometime. But I don't know where to find stinging nettles. Where might one find them in the New England / Boston area? I gather from my searches on the web that this is a native plant around here, but I don't know where to find it. It's spring now, so it might be available sometime soon, if I knew where to look.

Thanks for your help,


Monday, April 19, 2010

back again...

Hi everyone:

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Thanks to all of you who wrote to me to see if I was ok. Everything has been fine at home and at work: I have just been busy with work in real life. I hope I will have more time to post in the near future, but unfortunately I can't guarantee anything.

In any case, here are the remainder of the photos from the last set of pictures of me spanking Evan otk. As you can see, he didn't like that spanking much. But he always appreciates it, deep down.

Finally, it's over (for now):

There's always more to come. In Evan's case, at least once every couple of weeks... (He's a good husband, but I like to beat his bottom to keep him that way.)

Drop me a line to let me know you're reading again. I will try to update more often in the next couple of weeks.