Monday, April 19, 2010

back again...

Hi everyone:

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Thanks to all of you who wrote to me to see if I was ok. Everything has been fine at home and at work: I have just been busy with work in real life. I hope I will have more time to post in the near future, but unfortunately I can't guarantee anything.

In any case, here are the remainder of the photos from the last set of pictures of me spanking Evan otk. As you can see, he didn't like that spanking much. But he always appreciates it, deep down.

Finally, it's over (for now):

There's always more to come. In Evan's case, at least once every couple of weeks... (He's a good husband, but I like to beat his bottom to keep him that way.)

Drop me a line to let me know you're reading again. I will try to update more often in the next couple of weeks.



  1. Good job Deirdre, you spanked him well. It is probably a good thing that you do not spank him too often - else the bottom gets so used to it that he does not appreciate the eefect to its fullest anymore. Happy spankings, keep us posted please!

  2. Don't worry about us. We're not going anywhere.

    It's good to see you post, and I'm glad that you're intending to continue.

    Do the two of you work together at home?

    A quote from an earlier post: "He will do exactly as I wish, mostly without questions (more on his occasional recalcitrance in a later post)." - Sounds like an interesting topic.

  3. He is a very lucky man!

  4. Hi Deirdre,
    Welcome back. Looks like you did a very thorough job. Evan must have felt that for some time. Always enjoy your perspective on this practice and look forward to your future posts.

  5. Hi Dear
    How are you? How many spank your husband during this time?
    I and my husband is very happy for you are back.
    Kiss you

  6. It's good to see you posting again; and properly spanking your husband. I agree with the earlier comment that he is a lucky man.

  7. Deirdre-
    Great to see you posting again and it certainly appears that you left Evan with a very well spanked bottom.

    Looking forward to future posts especially something about your spanking bench which you referred to in a previous post. I have one under construction in my shop and would be very interested in the female perspective regarding its use.


  8. great to see you post again....seems that when a really good blog comes along, it doesn't last? The most unique thing about your blog is that it comes from the woman's point of view which seems to be the most elusive point of view? Glad to see you back Ms. Deirdre

  9. So nice to see you back posting. Really missed you.

  10. Great photo/story layout. I loved it. :)

  11. Ma’am

    Quite accidentally I found your blog six, seven weeks ago – probably through a link placed in another blog, though I do not recall which one.

    After reading through it from the beginning I wanted to post a comment, but then you seemed to have gone. Now, to my absolute delight you are back! I think your blog is one of the best on the topic of F/M domestic discipline!

    My dear wife and I have been living in such a relationship for over fifteen years now. Initially she was a virgin to spanking, while I had been fantasizing about being spanked or whipped by a woman since very early childhood. I had almost given up my dream, when finally my spouse consented trying it. She took to it literally like the proverbial duck taking to water.

    We use a large variety of spanking implements, like bathbrushes (much much more painful than a hairbrush, but then I have not yet found a big heavy one), paddles, leather straps, wooden and leather paddles, canes, riding crops and also a genuine South African hippohide sjambok!

    My wife is a very strict spanker. The marks of her whippings (always bare bottom) are usually visible for two to three weeks! She rarely has me over her lap as this is not comfortable for her, but usually bent over the back of a chair or strapped to a punishment horse we have had made to custom a few years ago – but that is only for very serious punishments!

    Your husband Evan must be a very happy man with you looking so well after him. I’m not envious myself, as I get all I want (and sometimes more) in that respect, but I am sure a lot of other men are! Keep up the good work!


  12. Welcome back Deirdre; it's wonderful to see you posting again.


  13. Dear Dave, ajr, Rob:

    Thank you for the comments. I always appreciate them.

    ajr: Regarding Evan's recalcitrance: I will get back to that in a later post. These posts take me a lot of time!

    Parivash: Thanks for the nice words. I am happy to be back, and I appreciate your feedback.

    Ken: I hope you like this post regarding our spanking bench.

    wdspoone: thanks for the welcome back. I see you have been busy in your blog! Keep it up. I appreciate your work there.

    Vanessa: Thanks for the nice comment! Your furniture looks great. I have actually wanted such a chair, but I haven't got around to getting Evan to get one for me yet.

    George: Thanks for the background on your story. I hope you enjoy my blog.

    Recidavist: Thanks for the note!

    Michael_Michael: Thanks to you too.