Saturday, April 24, 2010

Evan on the bench

Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the nice comments regarding the pictures of me. I appreciate your kind words very much. I like to look sexy for Evan, and for other people too.

Here are a few more pictures of Evan on the bench. I can tell when his bottom "warms up", after a minute or two of spanking, because he stops yelling so loudly. I then often move down a bit to his lower bottom or his thighs. This really gets his attention, and he will start yelling to me to please stop again. Of course, I don't stop until the allotted time is up: we have made an agreement as to the punishment length, and I have to follow through.

Comments are always appreciated.



  1. I can only begin to imagine how intimidating this must be for Evan, knowing he cannot control the punishment. On the other hand, it must be a total thrill for you to see him in this position, so totally vulnerable. As always, thanks for taking the time to post and giving us a glimpse of your DD lifestyle.

  2. tell me do you leave him in that position after the spanking for a bit? Such a great visual I must confess.

  3. Do you wear your swimsuit as you have evan in position? Is he hairy on his butt or is this natural? My husband is hairy and I shave his butt before his education begins.

  4. Great pics. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. You should try figging him. Nothing could be easier. Trim a piece of ginger into a buttplug shape and insert it without any lube. The spanking horse would be perfect for this as he'll need to be retrained. He'll squirm like crazy and beg to have it removed. The pain isn't like "I'm going to die pain" or anything like that, it's just a steady burn that you really want to escape from. It takes a few mins to get started and lasts about 30 mins. It'll be fun for you to watch and he'll like it when it's over.

  5. Good Lord. That looks incredibly painful. The placement of the paddle just screams "Serious Business".

    I had been wondering for a little while now what you were holding with your free hand in the picture at the top right (just under the blog title). Now I know.

  6. When you moved down to the thighs, I would be screaming and crying like a 10 year old. Does Evan humiliate himself like I would by completely losing control?

  7. You must be a terribly good aim to be so near to his sensitive penis and testicles with the paddle. I cringe at the thought if you caught the inner thigh just slightly too much and nicked the sensitive bits. Yikes! Has it ever happened?