Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi all:

I will be taking a hiatus from blogging for a while. Have a good summer, everyone!

love to all,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

answering comments about the bench and the strap

Hi everyone:

Thank you all very much for reading and commenting on my posts. I always read the comments with interest, and I am sorry that I don't respond to all of them right away. I will respond to some of your recent comments here:

Linda asks: "You've mentioned that you have to talk Evan into going on the bench sometimes. However, it looks like he is aroused when he is on it. Does he get aroused before you secure him to it, or is the arrousal a result of your handy-work before the spanking begins?"

Evan is usually not aroused as I am strapping him to the bench. I think the anxiety of getting a hard spanking stops him from being aroused. However, once he is strapped down, I will often play with his penis and balls to get him excited before I start spanking him. That's what happened during the bench spanking that I posted pictures of.

Barb says:
"... your blog and photos make me want to purchase a bench, so I can provide an erotic mix of pleasure and pain to him at my discretion. How much fun it will be to tease his penis and balls, while instructing him that if he climaxes he'll receive a good dose of the lexan (which he hates)."

I have never had Evan climax while he was on the bench. That's something I would like to do eventually. In particular, I would like to try to masturbate him with one hand, and then start to spank him with my hairbrush-sized paddle with the other hand once he starts to climax. I think that a minute of that treatment would be hard for him to take, maybe harder than anything I have done yet. Some day I would like to try this.

Eric says:

"Why don't you just put his junk to the front? When I had to get a switching or a whipping with the belt I had to place my parts on top of the couch and bend over with legs spread so the inside of the thighs was available. Let me tell you, I still remember them well. I would suggest that you have Evan assume a position, like bent over, and then hold still for his whipping, with penalties for not keeping still. I would think that sooner or later he would learn to hold still and take it."

There are two reasons that I don't put Evan's "junk" (as you say) in the front. First, the bench is not really designed to have him lie on top of his "junk". If he does so, his balls still stick out, because the bench spreads his legs well. Second, I like the view of his penis when I am spanking him on the bench. And it gives me an excellent barometer as to his level of sexual excitement. When his penis is fully retracted, I know I am doing a good job of spanking him.

But your suggestion of having Evan hold still for a caning / strapping, with penalties for moving is a good one. We haven't really done that before, but I could see us doing that sometime in the future.

An anonymous commenter says the following:

"And I see that your wearing pearls. Maybe you aren't really trying all that hard? Good to see you here sharing your life with the rest of us. Thank you."

I actually don't know what this commenter is talking about. (The bracelet that I was wearing in the photos is not pearls, by the way.) But why would the jewelry I am wearing have some contingency on whether I am trying? And what is the activity that I am not trying to do? This was a confusing comment. Perhaps it was lost in a translation.

freecroma10 says:

"How he tolerates the beating? Does he keep silent or wailing because of the pain under the strapping? Does he has to count the blows and has to say thanks for them possibility?"

Evan is rarely silent during a spanking / strapping. He tries to be quiet, but he can't help but yell out when it really hurts him. So I use his noise level as a second barometer (in addition to the size of his erection) to tell how hard I should spank. I like it when he is loud: that lets me know that I am doing a good job.

Regarding your second question, I used to have Evan count some strokes, but I rarely do that anymore. I find that if he can count the strokes, then it's usually not hurting enough. I find it more satisfying when he loses control and he has no idea how many strokes have come or are to come yet.

Another anonymous commenter asks the following:
"Question-is he getting spanked for some transgression or just because?"

Mostly just because. We used to do spankings based on transgressions, but I find it's generally better to do it just because I like it, and it's good for him. Some people call these "maintenance spankings". I think that that's what these are for us too, but they are very intense when they are on the bench.

Another anonymous commenter asks the following:

"Who takes the photos?"

As I have mentioned before, the photos are stills from videos that we take by setting up a video player at a fixed distance. We have not had a third party film us yet, although I would like to do this sometime, if we could find a photographer that we liked and trusted.

John R asks:

"Lovely, but can we see more of you, especially how you are dressed? Do you dress specially for Evan's punishments? My wife often puts on a severe outfit, which is appropriate for the occasion."

Most of the time, I don't dress specially to spank Evan. When I want to spank him, it doesn't matter what I am wearing (or what he is wearing, because it's coming off). But once in a while I will wear something extra sexy to seduce him into taking a good spanking.

That's it for now. I will write more in another week or so. I hope your summer is going well, as mine is.

To close, here are a couple of pictures of Evan right before an otk spanking. As you can see he was erect before this one. In this case, I let him touch himself for a minute or so before I pulled him over my knee for his spanking. (He was not permitted to orgasm before or after the spanking that day.)

Talk to you all later,


Friday, June 4, 2010

more of the strap

Hi all:

Thanks for all the feedback. I will respond to some of your notes very soon.

Two of you asked where to get a bench like the one we have: here's what I said about this earlier:

"I have had some emails asking where we got the spanking bench. Evan bought this for me at for around $400 a few years ago. This is a very well-built bench. Evan is over 200 lbs, and the bench holds him very easily with no visible wear and tear, even after many uses. We haven't tried possible competitor benches, so we don't know if our bench is either the best value or the best quality out there. But it has served us very well, and so we definitely recommend it."

For now, here are a few more pictures of Evan receiving a strapping. This is a heavy 3-tailed tawse. In the first photo, Evan gets a solid strap across his right cheek:

And in the next photo, Evan gets a hard strap across his left cheek:

Then back to the right:

Then back to the left, where the three tails of the tawse are clearly visible:

These last two shots catch Evan just across his bottom crack, snapping hard on the inside of his right cheek. This is a spot that is hard to get with a paddle. He says these hurt a great deal.

This last one catches him almost in the crack. You can still see the ripple on his right cheek.

That's all of Evan's strapping for now. I will write more later.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the strap applied to Evan's bottom

Hi all:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions regarding my experience with caning.

As some of you noted, when Evan is strapped to our spanking bench, his legs are well apart. This provides me with a lovely view of his penis and balls, but it also means that unless I am very confident in my aim, the cane isn't a very safe instrument. That is, I can't swing as hard as I want on each stroke, for fear that I might strike Evan's balls. Consequently, I prefer a paddle or a strap when Evan is strapped to our bench, because I have much better control of these implements. I can therefore swing fully with them.

Following much of your advice, I will practice my caning on Evan, with him bent over, off the bench.

Here are a few photos of Evan receiving the strap following the caning that he received earlier. I can swing the strap more fully than the cane, and consequently, Evan reports that it hurts a great deal more. This is a heavy three-tailed tawse, which is satisfying to swing. It makes lovely ripples on Evan's bottom:

In the photo above, you can still see that Evan has the traces of his earlier erection. But by the next couple of strokes, his penis has withdrawn fully, much to my satisfaction.

Here is a photo of an impact, followed by the ripples immediately after:

Evan definitely felt that one.

More later. Please keep the comments and discussion going.