Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the strap applied to Evan's bottom

Hi all:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions regarding my experience with caning.

As some of you noted, when Evan is strapped to our spanking bench, his legs are well apart. This provides me with a lovely view of his penis and balls, but it also means that unless I am very confident in my aim, the cane isn't a very safe instrument. That is, I can't swing as hard as I want on each stroke, for fear that I might strike Evan's balls. Consequently, I prefer a paddle or a strap when Evan is strapped to our bench, because I have much better control of these implements. I can therefore swing fully with them.

Following much of your advice, I will practice my caning on Evan, with him bent over, off the bench.

Here are a few photos of Evan receiving the strap following the caning that he received earlier. I can swing the strap more fully than the cane, and consequently, Evan reports that it hurts a great deal more. This is a heavy three-tailed tawse, which is satisfying to swing. It makes lovely ripples on Evan's bottom:

In the photo above, you can still see that Evan has the traces of his earlier erection. But by the next couple of strokes, his penis has withdrawn fully, much to my satisfaction.

Here is a photo of an impact, followed by the ripples immediately after:

Evan definitely felt that one.

More later. Please keep the comments and discussion going.



  1. These are great pictures again. It's fascinating to see the movement of Evan's skin with the application of the strap. It looks like a nasty painful tool in your hand. I can imagine the sound of the strap smacking loudly, and the cane hissing through the air before snapping with that punctuated sound it makes bouncing off the skin. Yikes! Thanks!

  2. The application of the strap and the cane are quite similar. Intuitively, you focus on the placement of the working end of the strap - in the pictures you move it around, stiking different areas with the tongue of the tawes, whereas you apply the paddle across both cheeks using the entire surface of the paddle.

    It turns out the cane is closer to the strap than the paddle. Try tapping the middle of the cane acrosss your hand and then the tip. When practicing with the cane focus on what the tip is doing - the rest will take care of itself (just like the strap).


  3. Wow! No wonder Evan is hesitant to go on the bench :-) From the various photos you have shared during the past two months demonstrating the paddles, cane, and tawse (especially the lexan paddle), it is apparent that he receives quite the workout. The photo you posted in "A Great View" on May 26 also shows a more gentle side of how you torment him. It is quite apparent why Evan is so erect in that picture, since I'm sure your right hand didn't just caress his thigh. I love the way you position Evan so that his penis is pulled back and available to your teasing, along with his testicles and anus. You have him in a delectable position that exposes everything he has for anything you want to do. Ron and I have a spanking relationship, but I have never secured him in this type of way. However, your blog and photos make me want to purchase a bench, so I can provide an erotic mix of pleasure and pain to him at my discretion. How much fun it will be to tease his penis and balls, while instructing him that if he climaxes he'll receive a good dose of the lexan (which he hates).

    Thank you so much for sharing Deidre. You are an inspiration.


  4. Deirdre

    amazing post thanks, wow, that is one sound strapping! Love the strap especially bent over the arm of the couch!

    Thanks for sharing, again not being a cane fan, can't add to much except he is one lucky man!


  5. Looks like you've had plenty of practice with that strap. Good job!

  6. Why don't you just put his junk to the front? When I had to get a switching or a whipping with the belt I had to place my parts on top of the couch and bend over with legs spread so the inside of the thighs was available. Let me tell you, I still remember them well.

    I would suggest that you have Evan assume a position, like bent over, and then hold still for his whipping, with penalties for not keeping still. I would think that sooner or later he would learn to hold still and take it.

  7. I always enjoy reading your perspective on things.

  8. Dear Deirdre, Love all your pictures and comments. The strap is my favorite and you use it so well! I now want a spanking bench so bad. Please tell the demensions of yours and can it be purchased on the web? Thank you for such a great site.

  9. Deidre,
    You've mentioned that you have to talk Evan into going on the bench sometimes. However, it looks like he is arroused when he is on it. Does he get arroused before you secure him to it, or is the arrousal a result of your handy-work before the spanking begins?

    Curious people want to know :-)


  10. Thank you for your posts. I see Evan's cock position here DOES give you quite the view. Something my Wife hasn't done... maybe I should tell her!! :)

  11. I am surprised that a guy would put up with restraints--from his own wife--We have a great and happily enduring marriage--she is never mean or unfair or anything bad--she is great--Once in a great while--over 37 yrs of marriage-she is justly so angry she has to paddle my bare ass and she and I both know we have it coming--so I go over her lap and it hurts--but things are then fine between us--If I had to be restrained--I just would not do it---Its just too much --just my experience