Thursday, December 9, 2010

tommy's drawings

Hi all:

Here's a blog that Evan likes:

Evan likes Tommy's drawings, because the themes appeal to him: young men, being forced to accept a spanking from women in a position of authority. He also likes the fact that in the drawings, many of these men have erections before they are to get spanked (just like Evan).

I think this is a familiar theme for Evan: the boy / man wants to be spanked at some level, because it's exciting, deep down. So he gets an erection at the thought of the potential spanking. But when it happens, the spanking is much harder than in his fantasies, and he cries and loses control.

Thanks, Tommy, for your pictures! Keep up the good work.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Evan otk

Here are some shots from near the end of the spanking that I had posted pictures of recently. His bottom was bright red at the end of this one.

This one hurt a lot: around the corner. I got a good reaction from that smack.

He is crossing his legs to try to keep in position, which is ok with me. As long as he stays there, then the spanking will end after he takes enough hard spanks well. If he moves around too much, then none of that time counts.

Done for now. Off he climbs, with a nice red bottom.

And I can see that I have done a good job on spanking away his erection.

All the best to all of you.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

going through airport security with my wooden paddle

Evan and I were traveling over the holidays by plane, and I had an interesting exchange with a security agent at airport security, before boarding a plane. I put my purse through the scanner, and in my purse was my handy paddle, pictured below. (I usually carry this with me in my purse.)

No one has asked about my paddle before, so I was a little surprised when a security agent (a woman about my age, maybe 30 years old) took it out of my purse and asked me what it was. I could see she had no idea what it was. To her, I bet it looked like a hairbrush with no brush. Or maybe a sex toy. I don't know.

I didn't hesitate in telling her that it was a spanking paddle. She looked at me with a confused look, and so I told her "Don't worry, only my husband is in danger." She seemed surprised by this answer, but she took it in stride, and laughed. She then gave me my purse, and that was that.

Unfortunately, Evan didn't see or hear this exchange first-hand, because he was already through security by this point. I told him about it, but he didn't get to experience the embarrassment of being outed as my spanked husband in public. But I am confident that it will happen again soon.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 hard vs. 30 medium hard

Evan was being a pain today, so I gave him a nice short spanking. It's been a while, so he wasn't so keen on going over my lap, because it seems to hurt him more after long periods of no spanking. So I gave him a choice: 10 as hard as I could, or 30 medium hard. I strongly recommended the 30 option. I sat on our green ottoman, and had Evan drop his pants beside me, then pulled him across my lap. He wisely chose the 30 option. He made a lot of noise throughout the 30 spanks, even though I was going very easy on him (except for the last 2, when I let him have it). Order has now been restored, and we are happily back to work. It is amazing how a few spanks can go a long way.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Consuming his own semen

Hi everyone:

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving holiday. Evan and I had a busy time with family, and now we are happy to relax for a few days.

Back now to female-dominant elements of a sexual relationship. Another element of our sexual relationship that Evan introduced (that I really enjoy) is that often when Evan ejaculates, he collects it in a little shot glass, and then drinks it. Years ago, he thought that this was an exciting fantasy: to be forced to drink his own semen. He had masturbated on his own for many years, and had never consumed it on his own, but the idea of being forced to do so excited him. He had even mentioned this to an ex-girlfriend, but she didn't identify with the fantasy -- she thought it was weird -- so he didn't pursue it.

Evan raised this idea with me early on in our relationship, and I liked it very much. I think he was surprised by my reaction. Personally, I don't see why anyone would be bothered by this fantasy. It's seems harmless and fun. (I actually used to like the taste of semen: I used to swallow Evan's semen when we were dating. Now, I hardly ever do this. Whereas I would still be happy to do it if it excited Evan, I like the relationship we have now.) Sometimes when Evan comes inside me, I will have him lick it out: that feels nice (a "creampie"). More often however, I will have Evan masturbate into a shot glass while I watch him, gently stroking his balls until he orgasms (he is very sensitive under there). As soon as he comes, I have him drink it: it is a great show to watch. Although the idea still excites him before he comes, he hates the idea as soon as he has orgasmed. But we have made a pact whereby he always drinks it, so he does so, reluctantly. It is funny to watch because he dislikes it so much. I find it both exciting (I love watching him masturbate) and funny!

Here are a few photos of Evan getting his bottom warmed.

This first photo is me telling Evan to point his toes away, and relax his bottom in preparation for the spanking.

This next shot is already quite a few spanks in, as you can see his bottom is becoming pink.

I have noticed in watching the videos of his spankings that it takes a while for his bottom to become red. That is, even if I spank very hard for a minute, it takes another minute or two for his bottom to redden. So I can spank him for 30 seconds hard, and wait, and then in a couple of minutes his bottom will be all red.

Here, Evan is starting to kick and squirm. He is saying things like "It hurts, it hurts!"

And here he is stretching his legs out in response to my telling him to keep them down.

I will post more of these later.

Talk to you soon,