Sunday, December 5, 2010

going through airport security with my wooden paddle

Evan and I were traveling over the holidays by plane, and I had an interesting exchange with a security agent at airport security, before boarding a plane. I put my purse through the scanner, and in my purse was my handy paddle, pictured below. (I usually carry this with me in my purse.)

No one has asked about my paddle before, so I was a little surprised when a security agent (a woman about my age, maybe 30 years old) took it out of my purse and asked me what it was. I could see she had no idea what it was. To her, I bet it looked like a hairbrush with no brush. Or maybe a sex toy. I don't know.

I didn't hesitate in telling her that it was a spanking paddle. She looked at me with a confused look, and so I told her "Don't worry, only my husband is in danger." She seemed surprised by this answer, but she took it in stride, and laughed. She then gave me my purse, and that was that.

Unfortunately, Evan didn't see or hear this exchange first-hand, because he was already through security by this point. I told him about it, but he didn't get to experience the embarrassment of being outed as my spanked husband in public. But I am confident that it will happen again soon.


  1. Have not been that lucky yet but do carry a paddle at all times. Also I keep aj in panties only. What an outing that will be. Keeping him immediately in line is very important.

  2. My Lady (Cora) usually carries her 'Purse Paddle' with her as well. Its about the same size and shape as yours but its made out of purpleheart wood.

    She has 'outed' herself as a spanking wife several times and delights when she can do it. I must admit I rather enjoy the embarassment, too.

  3. I have experienced a similar (pre 9/11) situation when a French (female) customs agent inspected our suitcase, and found the flogger (martinet) I always take along to keep my husband in line. Being French -and thus familiar with that sort of instrument, she didn't bat an eyelash... until I volunteered that I was the one who owned it -and used it, at which point she smiled and said: "Moi aussi! (Me too) That's the way to deal with "un mari désobéissant" (a disobedient husband)" ...

    Eric blushed to the tip of his ears, but, as soon as we got to our hotel, I couldn't resist the urge to whip his bare ass for the sheer fun of it, even though he had done (as yet) nothing to deserve it!


  4. This just happened to us too. Going through airport security at T-day, airport security saw a strange object (paddle on its side) in the carryon. They never looked before but always before it was flat. Anyway, the guy asked my guy what it was for. "Playtime" is what my guy said to the security agent. He seemed surprised but I had figured they had seen everything. Maybe he was new. Anyway, I'm sure we were a topic at lunch.


  5. Very interesting to read. With more careful attention by security personnel, more of us may be momentarily outed. We normally carry either a hairbrush or the bath brush. Both have much more wear on the wood side than the brush side. The bath brush has never seen water.
    A question for Anne.
    IS their paddle used for playtime, or for a disciplinary spanking. IF disciplinary, that might mean another spanking for not being honest.

  6. Ha, hilarious. K has occasionally packed something..he hairbrush doesn't count because it looks like a our suitcase and I wonder what would happen if we got pulled over at coustoms..

    one flight a short while ago we had to take off belts, coats, shoes at the scanners. we got to the other side, i was holding onto baggy jeans which we trying to fall down, K was holding her belt in one hand, doubled up, we looked at each other and collapsed in hysterics....wonder if anyone figured out why


  7. Deirdre

    Can you share where you bought that paddle? I've seen pictures of it before and would like to get one for Anne.


  8. This reminds of an incident a few years ago. My wife had given me one of her stern hairbrush spankings on a Thursday evening when I returned from a business trip. Not even thinking about it, I had a dermatology appointment the next morning and was required at the end to lower my shorts since I once had a basal cell removed right below the swimtrunk line. My dermatologist had been conversing with me the whole time and then she was suddenly quiet. My first concern was she had spotted another cell, then she asked, have you by any chance been spanked?

    So I told the truth. She chuckled and said I wasn't the only patient she had experienced this with.


  9. We were traveling one time and my wife had packed her paddle in our suitcase along with pictures of my well spanked hiney. The female security person just smiled and let us pass.


  10. Wives that spank their husbands will always have dual power over us sub hubbies: the will to spank and the threat of letting the world know we are put over her knee, pants down and bottom up!