Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 hard vs. 30 medium hard

Evan was being a pain today, so I gave him a nice short spanking. It's been a while, so he wasn't so keen on going over my lap, because it seems to hurt him more after long periods of no spanking. So I gave him a choice: 10 as hard as I could, or 30 medium hard. I strongly recommended the 30 option. I sat on our green ottoman, and had Evan drop his pants beside me, then pulled him across my lap. He wisely chose the 30 option. He made a lot of noise throughout the 30 spanks, even though I was going very easy on him (except for the last 2, when I let him have it). Order has now been restored, and we are happily back to work. It is amazing how a few spanks can go a long way.


  1. I'm glad he's doing better, and not still disruptive. :)
    Gawd, I need one here!

  2. My own way to deal with L. when he is ornery is to apply -at least!- one hundred VERY hard whacks (or lashes) to his bare backside... and to have him count them out loud, after which he is required to thank me for having been chastised as he deserved!


  3. 28 medium hard, and two scorchers, certainly gets a man's attention.

  4. I love these quick and to the point discipline spankings, very hot. Thanks