Thursday, December 2, 2010

Consuming his own semen

Hi everyone:

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving holiday. Evan and I had a busy time with family, and now we are happy to relax for a few days.

Back now to female-dominant elements of a sexual relationship. Another element of our sexual relationship that Evan introduced (that I really enjoy) is that often when Evan ejaculates, he collects it in a little shot glass, and then drinks it. Years ago, he thought that this was an exciting fantasy: to be forced to drink his own semen. He had masturbated on his own for many years, and had never consumed it on his own, but the idea of being forced to do so excited him. He had even mentioned this to an ex-girlfriend, but she didn't identify with the fantasy -- she thought it was weird -- so he didn't pursue it.

Evan raised this idea with me early on in our relationship, and I liked it very much. I think he was surprised by my reaction. Personally, I don't see why anyone would be bothered by this fantasy. It's seems harmless and fun. (I actually used to like the taste of semen: I used to swallow Evan's semen when we were dating. Now, I hardly ever do this. Whereas I would still be happy to do it if it excited Evan, I like the relationship we have now.) Sometimes when Evan comes inside me, I will have him lick it out: that feels nice (a "creampie"). More often however, I will have Evan masturbate into a shot glass while I watch him, gently stroking his balls until he orgasms (he is very sensitive under there). As soon as he comes, I have him drink it: it is a great show to watch. Although the idea still excites him before he comes, he hates the idea as soon as he has orgasmed. But we have made a pact whereby he always drinks it, so he does so, reluctantly. It is funny to watch because he dislikes it so much. I find it both exciting (I love watching him masturbate) and funny!

Here are a few photos of Evan getting his bottom warmed.

This first photo is me telling Evan to point his toes away, and relax his bottom in preparation for the spanking.

This next shot is already quite a few spanks in, as you can see his bottom is becoming pink.

I have noticed in watching the videos of his spankings that it takes a while for his bottom to become red. That is, even if I spank very hard for a minute, it takes another minute or two for his bottom to redden. So I can spank him for 30 seconds hard, and wait, and then in a couple of minutes his bottom will be all red.

Here, Evan is starting to kick and squirm. He is saying things like "It hurts, it hurts!"

And here he is stretching his legs out in response to my telling him to keep them down.

I will post more of these later.

Talk to you soon,



  1. Ooh, you are SO right about hating to taste semen AFTER I cum!! The idea is interesting only up to that point. How odd, huh?
    Yes, I see your point about Evan's ass not getting red for a while. Must check how that works here next time.
    Learning every day! :)

  2. wow, i love this blog, but that just threw me for a loop, never expected that...each to their own i guess.

  3. I love reading your blog. I guess there is something about us New Englanders. lol,

    On occassion my wife also makes me drink my semen. Like your other readers and your husbands the appeal tends to disappear after you have cum. Never the less my wife loves to feed it to me slowly and smear some on my lips to remember the taste and also who is in charge.

    It's it me or does it seem like there are a lot of bloggers from our area on here.


  4. Hi Deirdre. Thank you for sharing the aspects of feeding Evan is semen. I have also done that with Barry. Our stories are quite similar. That was one of Barry's major fantasies when we started this journey. However, like Evan, he found the fantasy better than reality. Once he climaxes, his desire to eat the semen disappears. However, I still enjoy the power involved in feeding it do him sometimes. I sort of like your agreement you have with Evan that he must always do it. Something to think about.

    Also, when we were first married, Barry really wanted me to give him head and to 'swallow'. I tried swallowing once, but hated the taste and texture, so have never done it again. I also didn't enjoy giving him head at that time. However, now that I keep him shaved, I really enjoy orally teasing him. I love to lick and kiss his smooth penis and to take its tip into my mouth. Part of the enjoyment is seeing how crazy it drives him :-). Surprisingly, I somewhat enjoy the taste of his precum. It has a slightly sweet quality, without the awful slimey texture of semen.


  5. That's also been a major fantasy for me - Her having me lick and drink my cum. I love it how he has to masturbate in front of you and then drink it up - very humiliating.

  6. Interesting post.We have never experimented with me masturbating and Cindy either watching or helping. However, I have on occasion, where I climaxed inside Cindy before she climaxed, gone done to orally bring her to climaxed. Tasting my cum with her juices is wonderful.
    The spanking shown looks quite effective.

  7. Wow, that is an interesting turn, did not think about that one.

    But love the otk spanking and love your outfit, home is home and that is where spankings take place, so very real. Thanks

    Be well


  8. Not only have I had to drink my semen, in the summer, we have "cum cubes." She bought an ice tray wit smaller "cubes" and I'm required to cum into the openings while she supervises. They're then frozen and used in my drinks, usually when company comes, tho they're ignorant of my cubes. A tip: semen starts to evaporate pretty quickly in zero degrees, so drink up every week or so.

  9. Deirdre

    My wife of 28 years loves to see me eat my semen.

    She has me always ask permission to ejaculate then I have to get a small pink soap dish we use to catch the semen and kneel before her and stroke until I am ready to squirt.

    I will squeeze out every last drop and wipe the tip with my finger and then lick off my finger.

    She also likes me to ask permission to lick up the semen.

    She likes this added permission step. She knows my desire to eat it subsides and she knows I will still do it because she wants me to do it.

    I am a sissy to my wife at home and have been married almost 29 years.

  10. Love your blog. Miss seeing new material. Hope you get spanking again soon. Do you plan on making some movies to put on the site.

  11. I wish my wife would blister my ass like that or a lady that would.

  12. That has been one of My rules since the first time W/we had sex. I have NEVER tasted semen and have no wish to. william is allowed to climax inside Me from time-to-time and then must clean out every drop of O/our juices. Usually while I straddle his mouth and have a post-coital cigarette. I generally have multiple orgasms that way - I'd better for his backside's sake.

    On Fridays he has to kneel at My feet and masturbate into his "spunk bowl" afetr I tell him to commence and then ask permission to lick the bowl clean. If I feel nasty I ash My cigarette into it. he particularly doesn't like to lick up his cooled semen ..... so guess what. Then I give hime his weekly punshment. It (the punishment) is far more effective after they have been relived of all sexual feelings.

    But lick it ALL up he must after asking Me. It is just another way of instilling discipline and establishing exactly who is in control. All the love is still there. It is just that I enjoy him having to do it - to please ME. And yes, W/we adore each other. W/we are like two halves fitted together. he needs it and I make sure he gets it AND W/we have be very happily married for over 35 years!

  13. I have mine ALWAYS lick up his own "mess" he made it. When I allow vaginal or anal there is nothing better than a cigarette while he thoroughly cleans Mer. No more trips to the bathroom for Me. Just 1 of My rules. Also he must kneel and masturbate into his "spunk bowl" immediately be fore his Friday "accounting" to me for his past week's behaviour. Being emptied really makes the punishment sting. As I like it.

    he really dislikes it when I make him let it cool to room temperature. Warm is not humilaition Ladies!

  14. my mis always makes me clean up regardless where i cum

  15. My wife has been training me to eat my semen. I do not like the taste but I do it because she is very dominant and punishment to train me to be obedient. She wants me to eat when it is warm and fresh. I obey her and eat it.