Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guiding my husband's penis between my thighs before a spanking

As you all know, Evan is often erect before a spanking. You also probably know that I like it this way: I love looking at and touching his erect penis. I then like to spank the erection out of him. Here is another photo of Evan getting across my lap, with an erection.

And here I guide him between my thighs.

Now I get to work. It won't take long before the erection is completely gone.

More later,



  1. I just can think how spanking the erection away is useful.

  2. Hi Deirdre,

    I've checked your blog many times since your hiatus, so I was delighted to see that I had missed several posts by the time I checked again. You're back! Thank you for sharing your insightful and sexy site! Congratulations to you and Evan for persevering in your relationship and your spanking.


  3. Thank you! :)
    Big milestone today, in part helped by your vision. Got my erect cock btwn my wife's thighs, and felt the bee-sting of a paddle for the first time!! Eventually she wanted me to hump her clit, until she came!! I think she liked it...thanks again!

  4. Welcome back. I've enjoyed your past posts so much and am glad to see you are back.

    I can understand why you took the hiatus. You had shared much with us all ready. And as you mention, sometimes spanking takes a backseat to other important things in your life. Right now, our daughter and husband have moves back in with us as they get established. It is a joy to have them staying with us. However a lack of both interest and opportunity have made spanking nearly non-existent. I'm sure they will return soon enough, and I will be wanting my wife to give me a goods spanking when the time is right.

    I have particularly enjoyed your discussion of why you have to restrain Evan sometimes. I need to be spanked harder than I want sometimes. My wife is for the most part reluctant to restrain me, so I have become much better at holding still for an extended spanking. However, I still find myself ending a spanking before the spanking reaches the conclusion that a good spanking should produce. You write so well about the need for restraint, I would like to share your comments with my wife when the time presents itself for spankings again. That is if I dare :).

    Thanks again for your writings.

  5. Morning,

    Cold here in NJ but your posts as always make it much warmer. I have said it before and will again, Evan over your beautiful lap is just wonderful, love it. He is a lucky man, I know you are into your bench but your OTK is just so pure and so hot.

    Many thanks as always for sharing, all the best,


  6. I have heard that disciplining can both bring on an erection and stop one. Either way would prove to be quite effective. If he 'likes' it and becomes aroused, then one set of "reactions". Or, if he goes limp, another set of 'reactions'.

    I get spanked and paddled and the ones where I grow limp are more frequent. After the punishment is over, I can become aroused again and we always have fun.

  7. Ms. Deirdre,

    Although my wife is still learning to express her dominant side, I briefly dated one woman who disciplined me a few times with a wooden bread/cheese cutting board swung like a paddle. Her goal was to discourage erections so I would not pester her for sex when she was not in the mood. I would approach and confess my urgent desires and promise that I would not masturbate but would wait until she wanted me to satisfy her. It reminded me of all the times I struggled not to masturbate growing up because I feared that selfishly wasting seed would dishonor my future wife. The longer between ejaculations, the more sensitive my penis becomes. Therefore, the stingging assult of a paddle from behind and the tingling of an erect penis in front can combine to form a confusing paradox of pleasure and pain. Hopefully, the paddle finally overcomes the stubborn male organ, bringing it down in submission to the female will. My former lady friend demanded that I not ejaculate. I had to grit my teeth until her work was done and then take her somewhere nice to show my appreciation. From those experiences, I fear that if I were to place my member between my wife's thighs as Evan does yours, I would make a mess before she could paddle away my erection. Again, she is not yet as serious about my training as she could be. So far, she only has me bend over, get on all fours or lay on the bed, but I hope she teaches me to endure long periods of denial over her lap with my frustrated erection confined and controlled between her thighs. Seeing the technique you use on Evan has inspired me to show my wife how I can do the same thing. Aching to ejaculate yet yielding to the paddle; that is how I can prove that loving my wife is more important that my own needs.


  8. To My experience that erection will very soon become flaccid.

  9. How erotic...do you ever take his temperature? I would love to see that.

  10. You should actually take a small paint stir stick from Home Depot and spank the erection before he goes over your knee. 10 hard smacks will get it nice and hard.

  11. You are very much like my wife. She loves to see how hard I get right before a paddling. She knows 30 seconds into a session with her hairbrush and I will forget the deisre for an erection and be begging for her to finally stop.

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