Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks for all the comments and the email

I am very pleased to have received so much positive feedback since I resumed blogging. I appreciate all the kind things that you all have written to me, either in the comments section or in email to me. Most importantly, please know that I really appreciate every one of your comments. Even if it's just a couple of words of support, somehow it's much better to receive those positive words of support than to receive nothing. (All of you bloggers will understand what I mean.) Logically, I know that many people are reading my blog -- I see the numbers on the counter -- but somehow that little bit of feedback makes a world of difference in bringing me back to keep writing. So even if you have written to me before, don't ever feel that your comments aren't useful: they are. (Except of course the few people who are demanding or rude! Perhaps the three of you can go and write your own blog.)

I will be back soon with more contentful topics. I have a few things brewing that I want to run by Evan first before I post anything.

Talk to you soon,


ps. Here is an obligatory picture of my husband's ass. (Now there's a sentence that I am not used to writing.)


  1. One of the best blogs about. Great to read and see you are back. Keep up the good work - both blogging and spanking

  2. I do appreciate (and look forward to) reading your blog. I love the fact that you guys are "real" and enjoy TTWD together.

    So glad you're back :)

    (I AM going to get a blogger account soon..I promise).

  3. Keep it up, Deirdre--and I, too, will keep up spanking my own T.


  4. Deirdre

    Love having you back and glad all is well, that is what is most important.

    You are so real for us.

    Thanks and take care


  5. Oh by the way, whether it is the sweat pants or the beautiful dresses and skirts you wear, your otk's are well just so real. And sexy.