Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more otk for Evan

Hi all:

Thank you very much for all the kind comments. I am glad that you like my blog so much.

Here are a couple more shots of the otk spanking I gave Evan in the last photo set. If remember, I actually had him play with himself so that he had a nice big erection before we started the spanking. Then I had him place himself over my knee. You can see me maneuver his erection between my thighs. (I love gripping it with my hands and legs!)

(Sorry about the poor quality.) Some people have asked if Evan ever orgasms across my lap, with his erection between my thighs. The answer is definitely no. There are two reasons for this. First, he needs a lot of stimulation before he orgasms. And second, the spanking eliminates his erection fast. A few hard smacks with the paddle, and there is nothing to squeeze down between my thighs anymore: he shrinks back to his small soft state.

Then I started the spanking:

You can see that Evan squirms around when he is over my lap, without fail. I mostly like his squirming: it provides a strong cue that I am doing a good job. But it is sometimes a little annoying. Once he nearly kicked me in the nose. I spanked extra hard after that. He doesn't want to get me mad when he's over my knee!

Anyway, that's all for now. I think I will talk about some other issues in upcoming blog posts.

Happy spanking! Especially you women who like to spank your men. Remember, they may say they don't want it, but they need it. Always keep in mind that they asked for this treatment. Give it to them as hard as you can. It's good for them! They will thank you later. (And if they don't thank you, then something is wrong.)


  1. Glad you are back! After finding you this summer and sighing through your lovely stories and pics, it's a treat...

  2. I have to say that I am also glad you have returned. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about your spanking experience. Please keep it up!

  3. .....Always keep in mind that they asked for this treatment. Give it to them as hard as you can. ." careful what you ask for indeed!!!.......grins wyrly....

  4. Glad to have you back. I love your blog.

  5. Ms. Deirdre-
    Another wonderful post. I love it when my Lady can place my erection between her legs prior to spanking me.

    And your advise about spanking and spanking hard, is very well taken indeed. I hope that the women who read your blog make note of your advice. We really do need it. And the harder you dish it out, the more that we understand that you love us.

    And guys, I think that Ms. Deidre's advice to you is also well taken. I have sent flowers several times as my gratitude for Cora spanking me (and spanking me quite hard!).

  6. QUOTE
    And if they don't thank you, then something is wrong.

    Yes :-) If they don't you did not spank hard enough.

    About kicking: Have you ever tried the "leg-lock-position"? Having Evan bend just over your left thigh and putting your right leg across both of his should help you to keep him under control. Also his vulnerable "sit spot" is more exposed that way. The position will be less comfortable for Evan, but that is not really your fault if he cannot keep still, is it?


  7. glad to see your back and all are safe.

  8. Hi Dear D.
    Glad to meet you again. I wish see you use riding crop to your man punishment.
    Kiss you

  9. You wrote:
    Remember, they may say they don't want it, but they need it. Always keep in mind that they asked for this treatment. Give it to them as hard as you can. It's good for them! They will thank you later.
    This is a theme you made clear early on. Ethan asked you to start spanking him. Then you wrote that now he often doesn't want you to, but you do because it pleases you. Fair enough. My question -- if he truly does not want you to spank him, at least sometimes, why does it still "work" for him.
    Thank you for your blogf!

  10. So happy you are back! Big fan of your blog as well--keep up the great work.

    Any consideration of posting a few clips on occasion?

    Thanks again for your effort!

  11. I was wondering when you might come back, glad to see you have returned. You have been an inspiration to my wife and I. Like Evan I get an erection before a spanking and my wife also positions it between her legs when I am otk. I haven't been restrained but we can see the benefit as I too squirm a lot when being spanked.
    Please keep blogging, I see you have invited us to e-mail you or Evan, thank you. I must get an account so I'm not anonymous , feel like I'm not in the spanking club.

  12. Wunderfull Focus,like a little bit my Phantasie,fine i see you and your Husband back,my memory in my Phantasie get's back in the 80'? when i see the Fotos I see a Movie with a Women Actress who She make a helpjob by a cuffed Guy on the Toilett and he cannot or he is shy to urinal, than She spanking him of his nacked ass, a little bit , of Corse, it is a Movie, gggg,do you like it?

  13. Could you tell more about your non spanking control of Evan. Do you
    dominate him?

  14. Great to see you back!!! I've checked almost daily. My lady and I are considering a more formal spanking arrangement, where I have to agree to be spanked for certain offenses, and I have to give her some latitude. There will be times when I won't agree or am not in the mood to be spanked, but it's a matter of take it, or end the spanking relationship. I don't get to choose when I'm to be spanked. I'm a bit afraid of this, in a "normal" everyday relationship. I am headstrong, myself. I believe in fairness, and what if I really resent the implication that I am "wrong", when I fully believe I am not? I get to be spanked for it, regardless? I'm wondering how you, or others, handle this. It's one trhing to fantasize about this kind of relationship; putting it into real-world practice is another. Ego's are involved. And emotions. Tread carefully, I suppose, huh...

  15. Good to see you back, Ms D, and it's always good to see you "in action." Evan is a lucky man. Have you ever considered having Evan ejaculate prior to a spanking? That would rid him of any sexual charge, and make the spanking sting/hurt that much more especially if punishment is the goal.

  16. Sorry that the immediate prior comment was "anonymous." I clicked on the name option, but then hit "publish." Maybe I should be spanked?

  17. Deirdre,

    Thanks for sharing the story, wow, how could he possible cum when getting paddled, ouch.

    You share so many great comments and stories, but for me, you OTK is the best and actually just wonderful. You have a beautiful lap and well spank hard and effectively. Love your otk, it is the best and my favorite.

    Thanks again for the totally hot pics. You helped me get over my wife's knee a few months ago. You, Ken and Cora, Ma'am Yes Ma'am and others are an inspiration.

    Keep spanking and be well.


  18. Wow.You sure a real great spanker. evan looks like you are really gibving him a reason to kick and squirm across your lap. i definitely consider him a very lucky guy to have a woman like you to take him to task when he needs it. Keep up the great pictures, I love them

  19. Deirdre, you really know how to give a spanking to a naughty male.
    I like how you lock his penis between your thighs which I am sure
    can keep him in place. I was curious to know if you ever use the
    leg lock to keep him in place or a standing scissor hold to have
    him completely helpless. Reason I ask is because my beautiful
    wife has great legs shapely and muscular. She usually makes me
    lie across our bed and secures my neck between her solid thighs
    in an inescapable standing scissor hold then takes the paddle to
    my bare and quivering cheeks until I am crying and promising to
    be respectful and obedient

    Best Regards