Wednesday, October 31, 2012

milking my husband on the spanking bench

Hi everyone:

Here are the last few pictures from Evan's last trip on the spanking bench.  In these photos, you can see me milk his prostate with my big red dildo (7 inches long, 1.75 inches in diameter).  I can really probe and massage his prostate area well with this instrument.  Evan hadn't had an ejaculation in over 2 weeks at this point, so he was very built up with semen / prostatic fluid.  I coaxed more than 5 milliliters from him after about 10 minutes of poking him in the butt.  He moaned a lot, and I enjoyed it greatly.

For more on my thoughts on prostate milking please see:


Talk to you more later.  Stay dry!  (That's a reference to the hurricane that hit us recently.)

You can see the dildo is part way out in this picture.  It goes in much deeper in the later pictures. 
You can see a big glob of semen dripping out on this insertion of the dildo.  Notice that Evan isn't hard at all while this goes on.  I love prostate milking!  It's so cool!

Here's another big drop of semen, filling up the container that I have below it.

Here's Evan's dripping penis after I have finished.  He is still all sexually wound up though: I can only milk the outer layer of his semen using prostate milking.

All's well in Boston: Thanks for your concern

Hi everyone:

Thanks to everyone that has written to me wondering how we are doing post-Sandy.  We were lucky here in our town: no major damage.  So everything is fine for us.  I hope others in much worse-hit areas (NY and NJ for example) are doing ok.  Our hearts go out to you.

Evan was sick in bed yesterday, with a stomach illness.  The poor boy: I felt so bad for him.  He didn't eat anything in almost two days, and he had one really bad night.  Now he is doing much better: back to normal, so I am relieved.  While he was sick (but getting better), he tried to see if I would spank him then.  He goaded me a couple of times, and so I got my trusty purse paddle and smacked him on his hand as he was goading me.  He stopped immediately, and laughed.  I hugged him and told him if he really wanted me to, I would give him a spanking then, but I thought it should wait until he was feeling better.  He agreed, and went back to sleep.  What a silly boy!

Hugs to all,


Sunday, October 28, 2012

More of Evan on the bench

Hi all:

Regarding orgasm-denial, I had planned to keep Evan without an orgasm for a month or more, but then... one thing led to another, and he had a large ejaculation the other day, after 25 days without an ejaculation (our new record).  I am not unhappy about this: I am still not sure that long-term denial of ejaculation is healthy.  So I am holding off on following through on that, at least for now.  I will re-open this idea as I learn more.

Here are some more photos of Evan getting his due on the bench...  This was over a week ago now: he has received a couple more spankings over my knee since then.  He is generally well-behaved, and he is doing as I say.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.


Here's a hard spank using a new paddle.  Evan got 2 mins straight with this paddle.  What a lot of noise he made!

Here's a hard spank to the other cheek.  Notice how his penis has shrunk, given the hard spanking he is receiving.

Here's another minute for Evan with a new paddle.

I am spanking hard, and he is yelling loudly for me to stop.  Ha ha!

I gave him 2 minutes of spanking with this two-tailed strap (two-strappy!).  He said that this was the worst of the whole spanking.

A lot of these wrapped around on the right: he had some good bruises where the end of the strap got him.  (Unfortunately, the camera doesn't pick this up.)

The strap bounces off Evan's bottom, after a hard swing.  He yelled very loudly here!  And his erection is gone...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Trying out longer-term orgasm denial for Evan

As many of you have noticed, I am trying Evan on longer-term orgasm denial.  This is not as a punishment for Evan: this is just because I have noticed that Evan behaves better in general when he is horny.  It's been three weeks now, and Evan's behavior has been exemplary.  I milked his prostate after 2 weeks (on the bench last week), and now I think it's about time for another milking.  I think I will milk him once per week, following the initial 2 week buildup, and I will see how that goes.

We have actually experimented with orgasm denial in the past, and we used to find that Evan gets too horny after a week or 10 days to be productive at work.  However, this time, things seem to be different.  Now that I am strict with Evan, I have been spanking him a lot for misbehavior, which includes whining about wanting a release.  A hard spanking before bed seems to get rid of his erection just as well as an ejaculation does.  So far so good: most critically for me, I want to see how Evan's work progresses.  As long as he gets a sufficient amount accomplished at his work, I will continue this experiment.  I think I will keep him like this for at least another couple of weeks.  But if that goes well, I am not sure I will give him an orgasm then: I just don't know how it will progress at this point.  I don't want to make plans without seeing the results of this pilot experiment.

I am very much enjoying reaping the rewards of the stricter version of me.  I have taken to have Evan give me massages 2-3 times per week, before bed.  I adore massages, so I don't know why I didn't take advantage of our relationship in this respect years ago.  In any case, I take off all my clothes except my panties, and have Evan give me a full rub down.  Eventually, my panties usually come down too, because Evan gives me a deep lower back / upper bottom massage.  And the massages make me very relaxed and horny.  As soon as I am satisfied with the massage, I often have Evan lick my pussy to orgasm (as I have mentioned before, he is wonderful at this).  He always has a big erection after all this close sexual contact, and sometimes I will let him fuck me for a while from behind (my favorite) because it feels so good (especially after an orgasm).  But, at the moment I am not allowing him to orgasm this way (or any way), so I have been careful of only having a short fuck post-cunnilingus.  In fact, I am a little worried that he will have a spontaneous fast ejaculation while fucking me one of these times. I am trying to avoid that by milking his prostate regularly.  So far so good!

Here are some more photos of Evan's recent bench spanking.  As you can see, I like holding his penis when he is on the bench, when I spank him.  This gives him mixed signals, and I enjoy the reaction.  Eventually the pain of the spanking wins out, but it takes a while for the blood to drain from his swollen penis: I enjoy the hard spanks I can give him while he still has a hard erection.


I have a good grip on this situation.  (Sorry.)

I love to squeeze this thing.  What a great toy!

Some gentle touches to the tip.  (You can see that this was actually earlier in the spanking: there are just a few red welts from my paddle here.)
That will leave a mark! 
I can spank Evan while holding his penis out of the way (not that this is strictly necessary).  You can see by my arm and the ripple on Evan's bottom that this was a hard spank.

Here comes another hard one, Evan!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Demanding control from a difficult submissive man

Hi all:

In looking for resources regarding real female dominant relationships, I came across the following website, for women in submissive relationships to men:

This is a great site.  It's full of love from each partner to the other.  I found that if I read this site substituting man for woman / husband for wife and vice versa, then it fits perfectly for us.

Here is their opening blurb, with my substitutions put in:

"Welcome to Taken In Hand, a website about wholehearted sexually-exclusive marriages in which the wife is firmly in charge (to her husband's delight!)—and she always puts her husband and their relationship first. Putting him and the relationship first is the key to creating a marriage in which the woman is in control in a good, healthy and sustainable way. Taken In Hand husbands tend not to claim to be submissive (though their wives may well consider them to be so) but they do respect, honour and appreciate their wives and strive to please them."

The site is great: it talks about it is good in many taken-in-hand relationships for the dominant to spank the submissive to keep him in line.  It also discusses bondage, which we haven't done as much of: only so far as tying Evan to the spanking bench to take a hard spanking.

A critical insight that I was able to get  from the website is that Evan is in fact a true submissive.  I had been thinking that Evan wasn't really submissive in his true nature, because he used to seem to only do what I wanted in certain circumstances, not all.  He would especially not do what I wanted when it was difficult for him, in that what I wanted was different from what he wanted.  In other circumstances (when he didn't have a strong opinion, which is much of the time) he would do what I wanted.  But for example, if I asked to behave better in certain circumstances (like getting angry in traffic) he would ignore me and do as he was already doing, much to my displeasure.  So I thought that maybe he is someone who is really an underlying dominant alpha-male personality, but who wants some superficially submissive things done to him.

But in reading the takeninhand website, I have discovered that he has just been testing me all this time.  He would probably have done whatever I wanted, but I needed to be much more forceful in my demands of his behavior.  The problem was that I wasn't demanding control nearly forcefully enough: he was testing me, looking for limits, looking for severity and strictness, and I always backed down.

In fact, I think Evan is very submissive: he just needs a strict wife to guide him.  He was basically acting like a child, and I needed to take the role of a firm wife (like a parent in a way), who tells him when he is behaving badly, and that he should behave well right then, or face some serious consequences.

I now realize that I have a great gift. In order to use it, I have to be forceful and confident in looking after him, and then he will do as I ask, exactly as I ask.  So, I was wrong: he doesn't just want to top from the bottom.  He really wants to be the bottom.  He just needs me to lead strongly.  I have been doing so for the past couple of months, and it has been working out amazingly well.  We basically never fight anymore: if he starts to get grumpy about something, I remind him to behave and be respectful and kind.  And if he doesn't change quickly, I tell him he will pay for that later, over my knee.  Consequently, I have been spanking Evan a lot recently.  He gets spanked at least twice a week now.  He really dislikes the spankings, but the knowledge that he is getting one changes his attitude quickly: he tries hard to appease me to get out of the spanking. Sometimes this works, but more often than not, I give him a hard spanking to keep him on good behavior.

(And in answer to a commenter, yes, I always spank on the bare bottom, using some implement (never my hand).  Most often my purse paddle, pursey.)

Anyway, the key point of this post is the insight that I got from that Evan really is a submissive: I just need to be strict with him to get the most out of him.  He won't be submissive if I ask him to do things that he doesn't want to, but he will do them when I tell him forcefully to do so.

Here are a couple more still photos from Evan's recent trip on our bench.

And FYI, Evan still hasn't had an orgasm, even since this spanking.  I milked his prostate while he was on the bench (collecting a lot of semen / prostatic fluid: over 5mls!).  But I did not let him orgasm that night or since, so that he has now not ejaculated in 19 days.  I think we will go for at least a month before he gets a release.  I am not sure what his "record" is in this regard, but I think 3 weeks is about it.  So a month should be a new record.

But I am not sure about this: I don't have firm plans here.  (Moreover, don't worry about me: I have had several sexual releases in this time frame: Evan is an expert with his tongue.  And I even have him fuck me for a while too each time, after he licks me to orgasm.  We don't do that very long however, because I don't want any accidents.  Fortunately, Evan takes a lot of stimulation in order to achieve orgasm, so I am not very worried about accidents.)

Talk to you all later,


Just getting started: pursey the paddle makes its impact

Now here's a hard spank to the other cheek.  You can already see the red mark on the right.  And that erection won't last long: it's already shrinking!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My husband back on the bench

Hi everyone:

It was bound to happen eventually: I got Evan on the bench recently, and gave him a good hard spanking.

He hadn't had an orgasm in a long time -- over two weeks -- so he was hard when I strapped him down, as you can see.  I had him count 50 hard spanks, and then I started on several one- and two-minute spanking sessions, with different implements.

I would tell you more, but I am very busy at work right now, and so is Evan (so he can't do much here either).  I will have him post some more soon, and I will post some more pictures of him on the bench soon too.


What a sight! Evan is ready to receive what I have to offer.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Evan, a well spanked husband: "Please spank me harder maam!"

Here are the rest of the pictures from the last spanking I gave Evan.

As you can see, we started with Evan over my lap on the bed.  He squirms around a lot like that, and so soon I had him kneel on the floor by the bed, where I could get a better swing.

Then I told him that I would give him only 50 hard spanks (approximately: I don't want to count) to finish his spanking, but only if he asked me to "Please spank me harder maam" all the way through the 50.  If he stopped asking me to spank him harder, then I would start over.  This was very fun.  For a long time, he wouldn't say what I asked: all he would do was say things like "But I don't want you to spank me harder: I can't say that!"  So I would keep spanking him hard, telling him if he wants to end the spanking sooner, he better start asking me to spank him harder.  It took a while, but finally he did it.  Then he just wailed away, yelling out "Please spank me harder, maam!" over and over as asked.  This was great fun for me: of course I complied! As he yelled out, I spanked as hard and fast as I could, and he squirmed back and forth.  (By now, he was pretty warmed up, so he didn't squirm right out of the way.)

As you can see, I did a good job on his bottom, giving him some nice fresh bruises to remind him of his obedience to me.

Hugs to all,


As you can see, Evan is kicking away, while getting his spanking.

This doesn't deter me at all, as long as he doesn't squirm away.  (That was a hard one, by the way!)

He is starting to squirm  away, but I am holding him down for now.
I assure you he felt that one.  And you can see that his bottom is reddening nicely.

I had him get off for now, so we could re-start with him kneeling by the bed.  Look how small his penis is: I have spanked away another of his erections!

Now I can get a better swing: I can get started for real.

That was a hard spank!  He felt that.

I am now telling him to tell me to spank him harder, so that the spanking can end for him.  Until he asks me to spank him harder, the spanking will continue.
Eventually, he starts to entreat me to spank him harder, as requested.  I happily oblige!

You can see the white spot on the top right cheek: that has been a favorite target of mine in this spanking.  I have spanked him hard there around 20 times in a row before this picture.

He is still squirming a lot, but by now he is yelling out to me to spank him harder.  How fun!

He rolls toward me, which makes spanking him on the sore spot on the top of his right cheek even easier.

I let him have a few more hard ones there, as he continues to wail and squirm. What a cute husband!

You can see his cute little penis hanging between his legs there.  This is a good way to get rid of his erection: no ejaculation for him for a while yet.

That one hurt too!

He is still wailing at me to spank him harder (as I requested), so he is almost done now.

He kicks away, but doesn't avoid the paddle.  Good boy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to normal: spanking Evan

Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the nice comments on my pictures: I appreciate your kind words.  But to answer some of you, I am not submitting to any more spankings.  Many years ago, Evan spanked me a few times, because I wanted to try it.  I gave it a fair shot, allowing him to spank me a few times, pretty hard (only with his hand, however: I would never take a hairbrush or a paddle), but I really disliked it. Unlike Evan, I never liked it either before, during or after.  I did, however, really like spanking Evan. So that's what I will continue to do.

Here are a few stills from a recent spanking I gave Evan.  I have decided to spank Evan pretty regularly, just so that he keeps listening to me.  This was one of those occasions.


underpants down please

all the way down please

what do we have here?

I will have to spank that out of you

over you go

get that thing down between my legs

stay still and take your medicine

of course it hurts: it's meant to
if you move too much, it will just be longer for you
there: that was a good smack for you

Saturday, October 6, 2012

as promised: another 2 pictures of me in my underwear

I think we spanker-ladies would rather see Evan's bottom spanked bright red but here are a couple of pictures of my bottom peeking out of my jeans.

I gave Evan a hard paddling yesterday, for no good reason, other than general naughtiness.  I even filmed it too, so I will post some pictures of that soon.  I also would like to write some more contentful posts: soon.  I have been busy at work recently.

Here's wishing for a hard paddling to all who deserve one (and I know most of you do),


Thursday, October 4, 2012

a couple more of me and my paddle

These are for all of you, but especially for Evan, who will feel the paddle most directly.  It looks cute, but it hurts a lot, doesn't it, sweetie?

I have a couple more to post, with a peek at my thong, under my jeans.  Do any of you want to see those?