Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All's well in Boston: Thanks for your concern

Hi everyone:

Thanks to everyone that has written to me wondering how we are doing post-Sandy.  We were lucky here in our town: no major damage.  So everything is fine for us.  I hope others in much worse-hit areas (NY and NJ for example) are doing ok.  Our hearts go out to you.

Evan was sick in bed yesterday, with a stomach illness.  The poor boy: I felt so bad for him.  He didn't eat anything in almost two days, and he had one really bad night.  Now he is doing much better: back to normal, so I am relieved.  While he was sick (but getting better), he tried to see if I would spank him then.  He goaded me a couple of times, and so I got my trusty purse paddle and smacked him on his hand as he was goading me.  He stopped immediately, and laughed.  I hugged him and told him if he really wanted me to, I would give him a spanking then, but I thought it should wait until he was feeling better.  He agreed, and went back to sleep.  What a silly boy!

Hugs to all,



  1. glad to here everything is well near you guys everything well here in ohio even so i did lose power got it back next day

    maybe evan wanted a spanking from you so he would feel better even so he know he get spanked soon he is right

    madison ohio

  2. Deidre we're glad to hear that everything is ok with you and Evan from the Hurricane. Glad to hear Evan is feeling better. Those stomach viruses can be pretty nasty little things at times. I once had one that lasted 5 days. Anyway again glad to hear everything is fine and look forward to your next post once Evan is fully recovered.
    Bob S.

  3. Obedient Hubby here. Glad you guys came out OK. I am sorry Evan was sick. You two have such a loving relationship!

  4. Glad to hear you're ok!