Wednesday, October 3, 2012

your favorite pictures: penis touches pre- and post-spanking

Remember I asked for your favorite picture from that spanking set I posted a few days ago?

Well, you voted with your comments, and the majority seemed to be with the one where Evan was going over my lap, with his boner sticking me on my thighs.

I can also measure interest in the number of downloads.  The winner there was not the one that you mentioned most, however: it was the post-spanking shrunken-penis picture, where I am stroking Evan's mini-penis.

Another of the top downloaded pictures was this one of me grabbing Evan's penis pre-spanking:

So it looks like you guys like these ones too, even though you don't mention them.  (Unless it's a majority of girls reading my blog, which I doubt.)  So own up to your penis-interest, boys: there's nothing wrong with identifying with another boy's penis.



  1. For me it is not an interest in another mans penis. It is more the attention that you are providing to it. I get excited when my wife is about to spank me also and like you she tends to remove that excitement with her paddle. So I guess what I'm saying is that I look at these pictures more in a "I can relate" interest. Like Evan I consider myself a lucky man to have a beautiful wife who understands my desires and needs to be properly held accountable for misdeeds. And while it hurts it gets the point accross and makes me try harder to be a better husband. But for those men that don't have this type of relationship as was my case not so long ago I think they just imagine themselves in Evan's place. I know I would have before my fantasies became real.
    Bob S.

  2. Love your blog. Sadly I was too late to vote, but I probably would have voted with the downloaders. Nothing like having your exposed nether regions toyed with to add a nice dose of humiliation to a blistering spanking!

  3. Ma'am,

    I stick with my first choice, Evan and his penis going over your lap, follewed by the one where his bottom is getting nice and red over your beautiful lap!
    Awesome and very lovely pics.

    I like the other two but those are my choices and I did not sneak around with the others, I know what I love and what gives me well pleasure, ma'am.


  4. If you don't mind my asking,
    what kind of boys are you talking about?