Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Evan otk

Here are some shots from near the end of the spanking that I had posted pictures of recently. His bottom was bright red at the end of this one.

This one hurt a lot: around the corner. I got a good reaction from that smack.

He is crossing his legs to try to keep in position, which is ok with me. As long as he stays there, then the spanking will end after he takes enough hard spanks well. If he moves around too much, then none of that time counts.

Done for now. Off he climbs, with a nice red bottom.

And I can see that I have done a good job on spanking away his erection.

All the best to all of you.



  1. Wow, I'm impressed that Evan can stay put for a stinger like that. Makes me think maybe it's time to suggest a spanking for myself. I'm sure she would deliver if I asked.

  2. Dear Ms. Deirdre,

    I am slowly introducing my wife to her dominant side. I need her discipline to be the best man I can be. Since your training program for Evan seems to be well-balanced, may I ask your advice on how long it is beneficial to deny a male ejaculation? I find I am more attentive to my wife's needs when restricted from releasing male energy. I would like to pass your recommended denial period to my wife and see if she might like to incorporate it into my training program. She does seem to gain amusement when noticing my condition after prolonged abstinence. Perhaps she will learn to use my frustration as a tool for my betterment as a husband.

    I distinctly remember my mother often required me to remove my shoes and pants for spankings, leaving me bare bottomed with just socks on. Your pictures remind me of her disciplinary style. Therefore, I was wondering if you find Evan's attitude and response to discipline more satisfactory if he is required to keep his socks on. Due to the aforementioned memories growing up, I am more humble if my wife catches me in the bedroom when I'm down to just my socks and begins scolding me for unsatisfactory behavior. I cannot help getting an erection standing there like that in her presence. What I really need is for her to take me across her knee and teach me a good lesson when I'm in that vulnerable, almost comical situation. Upon my prompting, she has attempted spanking but holds back and ends up giggling because I remain erect through it all. I told her she should spank me until it subsides, and should not take pitty on me if I look frustrated. I don't deserve to make love to her until my behavior improves. One day, I'm looking forward to her really redding my undisciplined hide so I'll feel the stingging lesson right down to my white socks.



  3. Deirdre,

    Thank you again for sharing a wonderful domestic over the knee hard spanking from a lovely lap.

    Thanks so much, great spanking.

    Best regards'

  4. Yes, a really nice red bottom there. I'm sure he deserved it.

  5. Funny that someone would mention the socks; I'd been intending to comment on both the socks and shirt. My wife is quite insistant that all spankings take place completely nude. She feels and I agree that the act of reporting in the nude for the prescribed spanking enhances feeling of vulnerability and submission. Let me tell you the act of stripping while she watches gives me butterflies.

  6. I enjoy looking at those pictures. I can see how good they are doing the spanking. I like the look after the spanking is done.

  7. I get a very rare bare ass paddling from my wife--who is a great wife--but can once in a while just get so frustrated a paddling has to make things right. Its a total secret between us--Since I take a shower right before i have nothing on---socks would not amke any difference I just want it over--cause my butt is going to hurt--so, for me, articles of clothing would make no difference---just my experience--I have it coming when I get it