Saturday, December 7, 2013

A near meeting with Julie

Hi all:

Sorry for the long silence.  I have been too busy with work for the past while to do the blogging thing as well.

Evan and I are well: we are just busy with work.  I still spank him regularly, and we are very happy.

Recently, Julie from and I and our husbands almost met.  But life intervened, and it didn't quite happen.  Julie wrote about a fantasy meeting that she dreamed up: she is so imaginative that girl!  Anyway, I thought you all should know about it.

Hugs to all,



  1. Wow! Great to see another post from you. I'm happy to hear Evan is still getting his spankings, even if we don't get to hear any details. Best wishes and happy holidays to both of you.

  2. That's awesome Ms Deidre and I certainly hope you have the opportunity to meet up with Ms Julie!!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. So nice to hear from you again, Ms. Deirdre. I hope life settles down enough for you to pursue the F/m advice format you had decided to try. I hope you and Evan have a very happy holiday season.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing well and still spanking. I hope 2013 wraps up nicely for the two of you.


  5. Deirdre,

    You've been missed. I'm glad to hear that you and Evan are well.


  6. Deirdre,

    Glad to have you back.

    Remember work to live don't live to work.


  7. So glad to see something, anything from you. I started reading your blog from the start. It is wonderful, and I hope you find time to resume. Your blog is unique. I love reading about your life with Evan and hope to learn more.

  8. Ms. Deirdre glad hear your back hope able stick around for awhile i think be hot if you and Ms Julie did double spanking you spanking evan her spanking david that be hot if ask me

    iam still good was in hostipal for awhile few month back but still naughty as ever so lol

    who want spanked by you still
    madison ohio
    age 42

  9. Really happy to see this post. I agree with comments encouraging you not to let work take over. Happy Evan continues to get "his due" from you. Look forward to your sharing more information with us. You're straightforward and genuine in your blog. Michael

  10. i am so glad to hear that everything is fine with you guys. i know the feeling of so busy you can;t find time to blog. mine also has suffered from the lack of time; i hope the holidays were wonderful and blessings to you both for the coming year.

  11. Hi D/E, Great to hear from you again - are you still using either of your email accounts? Steven

  12. I would think you two lovely and beautiful ladies would be a true dymanic duo for on so many levels.

  13. Just stumbled upon your blog and am reading through... must say I like the humor (and now I'm hoping that the humor was intended). I also hope you will resume blogging again sometime soon.

    Perhaps you and your husband can travel to Canada for a vacation in the spring. You can meet up with your new friends (Julie & David) and enjoy some of that country's natural beauty -just don't forget to pack your hiking boots (pic related).

  14. I came across your blog an am enjoying it immensely. I have one request. I notice you always spank Evan with your slippers or socks on.

    I hope you don't think it too bold of me but I would love to see your bare feet. Of course I have raging foot fetish along with my desire to be spanked...the two go together in my mind!

    Please consider a picture or two. I would be forever grateful.

    Thanks and Happy Spanking.

  15. Ar you ok?? Seems you disapeared from the web...

  16. Julie-I'm infatuated with you-Your picture standing tall ,with arms akimbo and golden curls flowing seductively-and the dominant demeanor-put me over your lap NOW

  17. Katie and Vanessa are in the same sorority. Katie is really mad at Vanessa. Vanessa is a snooty freshman who thinks she’s all that. She borrows Katie’s clothes, jewelry, hairbrush, etc., without even asking! And she thinks she’s so beautiful. You can watch full video by clicking this link

  18. Have you ever spanked using the wheelbarrow position?

  19. Sorry to see this blog go 'dark' Hope you two are OK and with each other.

  20. Hi Deirdre, I really miss your blog. I just read Julie's fantasy on her blog. I wouldn't be surprised if it scared you off. I would be horrified at the suggestion! I hope you get back to blogging and let us know how it's going! All the best