Saturday, February 6, 2010

Readers from all over the world

I installed a statcounter link in my blog when I started it (, and it's interesting to look at the statistics so far. There are approximately 500 readers / day over the past few weeks, from all over the world. The distribution of people appears to be about 60% from the US; 10% from the UK (I had heard that the Brits are really into spanking); and some smaller but consistent percentages from Canada, Germany and France. There are lots of others too, but probably we are generally restricted to English-dominated cultures.

Here's a random bar graph of 500 readers from a week ago. (The resource that I use is free as long as you don't want stats for more than the 500 most recent visitors.)

Anyway, I just want to welcome the visitors from all over the world. The internet is a great world-connector! Please say hi in the form of a comment, if you haven't already. And tell me where you're from, if you are willing. There is no need to be shy: you can always comment anonymously if you want to.


  1. Hi Dierdre,

    Just found your blog, and wanted to say Hi. I am from UK and into my spanking!

  2. I can't say what others do, but to protect my identity I use TOR to randomize my traffic. So it is likely that at least some of outliers of your listed IP traffic comes from me.

    I love your site and check for updates often. I am lucky enough to be disciplined by my wife and have never loved her more for it.

  3. Hello from California!

  4. I love the stat counter. I didn't use it from the beginning (July 08) but last February I revamped my blog and added it then. It's amazing how many people from all over the world visit my blog! I appreciate the interest but I wish I would get more feedback? Oh well! :)

  5. Hi Daniel, Mark, Qarl, wdspoone:

    Thanks for responding.

    wdspoone: I get a lot of traffic (500 + new visitors / day) but only 1 in 50 leaves a comment. People generally just don't comment much, I guess. I very much appreciate the comments that I get, so my thanks to all of you who do leave comments.


  6. There is such amazing power in what you do that it cuts across cultural and international and ethnic boundaries.

    Posts and visits from around the world confirm that you have an international reach. What a sweet, wonderful contribution you are making!


  7. Dear jm:

    That's very sweet. Thank you very much!

  8. Dear D.
    We are from Iran. Why you do not sign Iran in your list?
    Parivash & Peiman

  9. Hi Parivash & Peiman:

    The list was just a random sample of 500 page loads. Different random samples give slightly different results. Because there aren't many people logging in from Iran, that country didn't show up on the list for that sample. Other samples would show your existence.

    (Keep in mind that about 500-1000 different people access the page every day, so a random sample of 500 page loads will only be approximate.)


  10. Hi from Germany. I love your blog. Keep up the great work.