Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another spanking for Evan

This spanking happened a little while ago.  Evan put up with it well, although he did squirm a bit, which led me to eventually fig him during the spanking.  (I had a ready cut piece of ginger in case this might be the case.)  As you can see, he was quite excited before the spanking, in spite of himself.  And I can never resist giving his penis a squeeze when it's in that lovely state.

More later: we are really busy right now.


oh my!

what a wonderful toy!
getting started
getting his left thigh

and his right (he really doesn't like these)

now he starts squirming...

I am spanking pretty hard here

he can feel it

time for more kicking of his legs

but that doesn't bother me too much: it just lets me know I am doing a good job

bigger wind-ups now 
trying to get a strong reaction from him

still not too hard to do!

"ouch, that hurts so much" he says.  Ha ha!


  1. Obedient Hubby here.

    WOW! Do you have some pics of the figging?

    Was there a reason, or was it a "just because" session?

    All the best,


  2. A great job (as usual)!

    L. has a date with the martinet later today...


    1. ... and how did it sting! But that did not prevent me from getting the usual Sunday "treat" with the paddle and with that fearsome leather strap!...

      I have just been released from a 45-minute spell of 'corner time' - and firmly 'invited' to enter this report on my latest experience with J's way of enforcing 'conjugal discipline' ...


  3. Excellent paddling of your naughty boy, Ms Deirdre. Appears that it went on a bit further than he was expecting. Well done. Wife here has told me she wants a little talk this afternoon before her nap time. Trippit

  4. Deirdre,

    What a way to start my day, a hot and hard otk spanking over your beautiful lap. Wow, love it and yes ma'am, love seeing his love you for you and your lap with that massive hard on before he gets spanked; very erotic ma'am.

    Thank you for the classic otk spanking.


  5. Looks like another job well done Deidre or should that be a butt well done LOL. And thanks for the info about your pursey paddle I've ordered my very own and can't wait to get it in. Again great pictures and thanks for sharing.

    1. Meanwhile, think of all the implements you certainly have 'at hand' - your hairbrush, to begin with, and then those wooden spoons and spatulas in your kitchen - not to mention his (or one of your own) leather belts, or the switches that are surely available nearby!


    2. Also do not forget your sneakers & shoes

  6. Great post, my wife also spanks me regularly, but she uses her slipper and it really hurts

  7. He certainly needs a spanking after putting that erection near ya like that, lol! :)

  8. Great pictures ma'am. Seeing Evan's red behind I'm sure that erection didn't last long. LOL
    And I just read Dianne's reply and I'm afraid I'm not going to be as thankful as her about your sharing of information about your paddle.
    Bob S.

  9. Deidre,
    Great pictures! Is Evan loosing weight?
    Very impressive toy he gives you to play with!
    Glad you guys are well. Have a good night.


  10. i want to say i really love the set of pics you have share with us mostly what your wearing and the postion you are handling out the spankings

    do you mostly laugh or smile to yourself while you are giving Evan the spanking he desver? have you ever when out in pulbic with him tell him he getting a spanking soon you guys alone or get home when ever he misbehave out in public or when you gone shopping then once home you give him the spankings just as a mom would to her kids

    madison ohio

  11. Next time you employ your spanking bench, you might try something like this ( to keep those pesky "bits" out of the way.

  12. wow Deirdre, what a nice hard spanking in the traditional position. looks like Evan was realizing that he should be better behaved. he is a lucky guy and thanks to both of you for publishing this great set of pictures. i love them all.