Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some better shots of me

I have had some requests for better pictures of me. Here are a couple. I hope you like them.


  1. I changed my name, cause there are too many Dave's out there.

    I understand why you do not show your face, though I am sure you are very pretty. I do know you have a very sexy body, and Evan is a very fortunate guy having the opportunity to go over your lap for a good hard spanking, I will bet you are especially beautiful when you are in action spanking him. Love all your pics :)

  2. Thanks for the pic. You look strong and sexy -- very no-nonsense. I'm submissive to my wife and love it. I think there are many more sub men/domme women than people think. I'd love to see your face, but completely understand your desire for privacy.

  3. Dear
    Have you any video from his spanking?
    Thanks for these pics.

  4. Awesome Pictures, do you ever dress in high heels when you spank?

    Submissive husband SMTR

  5. Thanks for the kind words regarding my looks.

    Parivash: I am not putting videos up, sorry.

    Bob: Yes, sometimes I get dressed up a bit for a spanking (including heels), but mostly I spank Evan in comfortable "home clothes". I am comfortable when he is getting spanked.

  6. Hi, saw the link to this blog on the Spanked by their Wives yahoo group.

    Evan is a lucky man, although I'm sure he doesn't think so during a spanking.

    I have a strict "Aunty" that keeps me in line... and when her hairbrush is doing it's worst, all I want to do is escape.

  7. You're stunning - wish I was your naughty hubby... and would I be naughty...!

  8. I hope more women take your lead and become the disciplinarians they really secretly would like to be. I know there are many men like me, who would love to be getting spankings like you give Evan, at least until they start feeling the sting of that hair brush. I get spanked occasionally, but not nearly as often as I deserve. So many times the woman is much more qualified to be the disciplinarian than the man. It is so good to see a woman like you bring a macho man to tears for being naughty. I believe that is quite satisfying to both the spankee and spanker. What is Evan's attitude after a good hard spanking? I am guessing he is quite contrite and loving.
    Your biggest fan,

  9. hi their, great blog, keep it up, great job
    bruce keep on spanking

  10. Hi all:

    Thanks again for your comments. I always appreciate them, even if I don't respond right away.

    wailer: Nice name! Evan is definitely a wailer. I like that he makes a lot of noise: it makes me feel appreciated. Good luck with your Aunty.

    Dave Sparkles: Thanks for the kind compliment. But I am very definitely taken. I am sure that there are many other women who'd like to emulate my steps, however.

    overlap: I also hope that more women become disciplinarians in their relationships. But I also understand that many (probably most) women don't want to do this. Many women want a really even relationship, and many want to be the submissive. The world is full of lots of different personalities.

    Regarding Evan's attitude after a spanking: he is very loving. I don't often bring him to tears, however. Only occasionally, when he feels he has somehow let me down. More on spanking and crying in a later blog.

    brucespud: thanks for the nice comment.


  11. Hi Deirdre,
    Your and Evan's story is interesting, and your photos are most welcome. About the cane: for a man Evan's size, you should use one that is at least 5/16" thick and perhaps 3/8", and that is 33 - 36" in length. Rattan is the only material I can recommend. Forget about using it OTK though with this much length (necessary to get the desired speed). I understand and appreciate the OTK position, but with longer implements, the bent-over positions are the only way to go. I would even recommend this for the paddles you're using, which I would guess are in the 15 - 20" range. You say you enjoy giving Evan some hard whacks, and the bent-over positions make that easy!