Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spanking for punishment, not sex

Wow, blogging takes a lot of time. I don't have time to write a full entry today, so I will just write briefly on one topic.

A reader (redtail) asked if I sometimes spanked Evan sensually, possibly only with my hand, as a prelude to sexual activity. The answer is no, on both parts of the question. First, I never spank Evan sensually, and never with just my hand. I spank hard, so that it hurts him, right from the first spank. Spanking is something that I want him to be frightened of (even if there are strong sexual overtones), so I don't make it light, ever. I know that it excites Evan having it this way: to love the idea of a spanking, but hate to actually get one. I love the torment that this causes him.

Second, we rarely have sex after a spanking. I spank him, usually in the afternoon or early evening, and then we go back to our regular life. We normally have sexual activity in the evening, before bed. More about that some other time.

Here are a few more stills from the spanking from the previous blog entries. Eventually I will show some different events. But for now, here's more from that one.


New pictures, January 16



  1. Obviously from those recent pics you spank hard, the way Evan seems to be squirming and kicking, and at one point putting his hand in the way. I also see you made him get his hand out of the way as you continue to spank. Does he cry when being spanked? I believe crying when being spanked is a wonderful emotional release, and real men should/do cry when being disciplined by a serious disciplinarian like you! I am very fond of Ladies like you, that are serious about the discipline they give their men. Keep up the good work Dierdre, I really enjoy reading about your serious approach to spanking your husband, and am looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Love the pictures. How often doe Evan get spanked? Does he ever resist?

  3. Dear, are you caning your husband?
    Please getting pictures from his caning.I caned my husband in Thursday very hard.

  4. Dave:

    Evan sometimes cries, but only when he feels like he has wronged me in some way. Crying is an emotional thing, not only due to the pain of being spanked.


    Evan gets spanked approximately once / month, over the last several years. I have wanted to do it more often than that, but real life is complex, and we sometimes do it more, and sometimes less often. I am trying to do it once per week now.


    I rarely cane Evan. I prefer paddles, because they are easier for me to use, and as far as I can tell, they have a similar strong impact.


  5. I would agree with you Deirdre that a paddle is more than adequate to get your message across. Often it is not the implement, but the application that determines the severity of a punishment. I can be well tenderized with a paddle with the effects lingering for days afterward. It has been over a week since my last paddling, and while my bottom never showed any bruises from the paddling, it stayed red and tender for several days, and still itches. And i am certain that my wife didn't padlle nearly as hard as she could have.

  6. Hi Redtail:

    I rarely spank Evan as hard as I can with the paddle, but I do spank very hard. My paddles are very solid, so they really hurt, even if not used at full strength.

    My best wishes to your wife. I wish her lots of success in spanking you a bit harder than you deserve.


  7. Sensuous is also good occasionally, when you might be in the mood for sex in the afternoon. Keeping Evan guessing might also be part of your delight.

  8. what a fantastic blog.. Both of you are very attractive and I love that your spanking while having a sexual overtone do not lead to sex...truly a fem dom relationship