Sunday, May 2, 2010

another of me with my paddle

Hi all:

Thanks for all your comments. I am glad you like the pictures of Evan on the bench. For all you men who complain about how hard I spank him: please remember that he asked to be taken beyond his comfort zone! It's definitely intense for him, but he appreciates it (later).

Here's a photo that Evan took of me in a hotel a couple of months ago, before a fancy event that we went to. I threatened him with a spanking after the event, but I don't think I actually gave him one there: we got back late, and we just curled up together and went to sleep. I spanked him at home later.

More later,



  1. Deirdre-
    Its so great to see you post again on a regular basis.

    This picture of you dressed to the nines holding your paddle is especially awesome. There is nothing wrong being spanked by a woman in casual clothes but when my lady dresses up prior, it adds quite a bit more to the dynamic between us. I a word, it adds to her power. I am not sure why, but it may be a throw back to the way authoritive women dressed in my earlier years, including skirts, blouses, stockings, heels and girdles. When my lady dresses this way, I melt into a helpless puddle.

  2. I hope this picture of you dressed formally remind evan that he can be taken aside anytime and spanked if his behavior is not up to good. I have done that to aj


  3. Hi Deirdre,

    Of course you look wonderful in this picture as well, and the combination of the necklace / choker and paddle are quite arresting. I'm so pleased that you are willing to share these pictures and the experiences. It's also nice to hear that you had some cuddle time instead of just spanking time. Mixing the affection with the discipline is dynamite.

    I'm curious, because you mentioned that he appreciates (later) the intensity. Do you spank him most often because (a) you simply want to and enjoy it for you (b) he wants, even though he may be reluctant to outright ask for it, or (c) because his behavior warrants it, i.e. he's "earned" it? Or is it most often a complex mixture of the above? Or is it most often some other reason?

    Thanks again, as always!

  4. Great post! Love to read your blog. We have lots in common.

  5. Hi Deirdre. I just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading it. It is wonderful to see the way you spank Evan. Your OTK spankings seem very similar to the way I punish Larry. We don't have a bench, but after seeing yours, I think we will get one. Besides immobilizing one for a significant spanking, it also looks like it would be a great way to take him with my strap-on :-).

    One thing I'm curious about is how you determine when Evan is spanked. It is for discipline, for your pleasure, or both? Also, what determines if it is OTK or secured to the bench for a more severe spanking?

    I'm looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks for sharing so openly.


  6. So enjoy all your postings!