Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A great view

Hi everyone:

Thanks for your comments on pegging. I will say more about that discussion later.

For now, here's another picture of Evan on the bench. He's nice and erect. What a great view, don't you think? I like nothing more than tormenting Evan with a good hard paddling when he is in this state. I have some good shots of Evan getting paddled, caned, and strapped in this series.

Talk to you more later,



  1. Ah, the anticipation !

  2. Have you ever given him a butt plug to retain while you strap or paddle him? The pressure on his prostate would make his erection last longer. It's multiple dominant influences at once.

  3. Deirdre,
    Thanks for the great picture. It's such an agonizing tease to see that position, to imagine the arousal and nervousness that must accompanying such a situation. I love how your hands are gently and tenderly in the picture, showing your intimacy and control. Seeing you clothed and calmly preparing him for his strong paddling is amazing!


  4. What a great position and photograph. I would have a difficult time resisting the urge to fondle and stroke my husband's penis before and during his spanking, especially since is strapped to the bench. It would take take tease and denial to an entirely new level. Thank you for sharing so much of your relationship with us Deirdre. We enjoy a similar spanking relationship and enjoy learning how others engage in the same type of situations.


  5. I am curious how Evan's penis is facing rearward if he has a firm erection. Both of my heads point forward when I am at attention.

  6. Deidre- You have sexy hands,My fantasy would be your beautiful hands stroking my penis, Evan is very lucky to have you


  7. Wonderful pics and great site with brilliant writing. Keep up the good work - writing and punishing.

  8. What a fantastic photo- it must be up with the best ever .My wife said no woman could resist reaching for Evan's penis! Your blog is growing better with each Post! Regards HH.

  9. Hi D

    Only hotter pic besides yourself in domestic dress is the one with Evan heading over your lap in your May 17th post. Wow, this one is so cool and yes I agree with some of the comments, oh the torture but more so the anticipation of what is to come, being your paddle.

    So many thanks for your blog and wonderful posts.

    Be well and regards

  10. Have you tried the wheelbarrow position? All kinds of possabilities become availible like that including pegging!