Monday, May 17, 2010

more of spanking away an erection

If Evan has a partial erection before a spanking, I can't resist grabbing it and giving it a squeeze. After a couple of quick squeezes, Evan's penis becomes erect. I may then ask Evan to play with it for a little while, before I stop him (no ejaculation for him: we practice tease and denial), and put him over my lap.

In this sequence of pictures, you can see that he is partially erect at first, and he becomes more erect with just a few touches.

That was only a few seconds of my touch. Now he goes over my lap, and I squeeze his erection between my thighs.

His toes are curled: I don't like this. I tell him to relax his feet, so that his toes are relaxed. He quickly complies.
With his feet the way I like them, I can now start spanking in earnest. I redden his bottom nicely in this sequence.

I will post more photos later.



  1. This series of photos is fascinating! I love your descriptions.

    For us, I sometimes enter the spanking scenario erect, sometimes not. Sometimes my erection increases during the spanking, sometimes not, but when it does, I love it when my Lady captures it between her thighs. It truly has a mind of its own but I love the way my Lady really takes possession during a spanking!

  2. Thanks for the post and pictures! I love reading and seeing the effects of your intimate, erotic, playful, and dominant mind! How long ago were these taken, may I ask?


  3. Love your relationship dynamic and photos. A video would be good.

    Also, any chance of more attractive footwear? Socks and old carpet slippers seem out of place!!

    Love your site.

  4. My wife wants to know how long is Evans erection and what is his thickness?

  5. I love the footwear! Hey, "Anonymous", these are real people sharing their stuff, not some beat-off fest for your benefit. If you want to see different shoes, go to some other free site and make your demands there. And Get A Life.

  6. I would love to see him spanked hard in front of a group of women!

  7. Hi

    Awesome and thank you for sharing. Not one of us who has been in that position can question your comments, wow, this post left me breathless.

    By the way, what a beautiful lap!!!

    Thanks and regards

  8. Hey Ron again, this is a totally hot and I mean hot post!


  9. Sometimes shortly before my wife spanks me my erection starts to reduce as the recollection of the imminent pain to come takes over from my previous longing for it and my excitement! She examines my penis and plays with it to ensure it is fully extended. She and I love it when she traps it between her naked thighs then begins to spank.It is nice to have a preliminary hand spanking before she picks up her paddle and gets down to making my poor bum really red.I feel that burning sensation all to soon and the fires in both cheeks are quickly lit. She switches after a while to her cane, as I bend over a stool.It really takes my breath away on top of the paddling but she administers it- giving 12 to 15 strokes!When she thinks i have been properly punished I am ordered to the corner to suffer- not allowed to rub my bottom or anything else, for 30 minutes!! She does all the rubbing when I come out of the corner! GM.

  10. You have a beautiful lap. Very few guys would say no to you if ordered to bend over you -- even when they know that to do so will mean suffering.

    I was curious if the act of putting your husband between your thighs is somewhat like fucking and would make him cum sometimes. What do you do if he does cum?

  11. I have the same question as azjj. I imagine that it would be tough not to cum while being between your thighs.