Saturday, May 29, 2010

caning away an erection

Dear all:

Thank you for all your kind comments on my two most recent posts. I am glad that you like the photo of Evan with a large erection, over the bench. I like this photo too. One female commenter hypothesized that that no woman could resist reaching for Evan's penis in that position. I am no exception to this claim. I love touching and holding Evan's erection when it is displayed in that position. And even though I am dominant, I can't resist putting Evan's erection in my mouth every once in a while when it is presented so well on the bench. It is such a delicious piece of fruit.

In any case, part of the fun of getting Evan in that state is getting him out of that state. For most couples, this means giving your partner an orgasm. For us, it means I am going to spank and cane Evan hard, until his erection dissipates.

Here is one of the first cane strokes:

Note that Evan is still pretty erect in this photo. He stays pretty erect through these first few strokes.

He really yowled after the stroke above. I infer that wrapping the cane to the thighs is quite painful. Does this mean that I will stop striking there? Of course not. Precisely the opposite:

Look at all the lovely ripples. I think I am doing a good job. You can also tell that Evan isn't enjoying himself (or is he?) by the way his body is gyrating as much as it can within the confines of the tight straps. You can see his bottom shift to the left or right, and you can see his shoulders rise as much as they can.

More later...



  1. My mom, who was a British war bride, used a cane to discipline me as a boy. Until you posted this set of photos, I never realized just how exposed I was, and if I had known, would have been scared to death of the cane striking a sensitive area. I guess mom knew what she was doing!


  2. I love the pictures and your description. Do your neighbors hear Evan's yowling?

  3. If this would be foreplay only so would be possible to warn him in the course of the sex. For example “if I will not be being satisfied with you, we will begin the punishment on the bench with a double tariff again”.

  4. D

    First off such a wonderful lead in comment about your relationship and your enjoying playing with him and his "features". Again, makes it all so good for the rest of us to read about normal relationships.

    Not a cane fan but must say, the pics are very thought provoking and provocative.

    Thanks as always for sharing.

    Be well


  5. Oh, you are so naughty with you comment about liking to take Evan in your mouth while he is in that position. It must be tormenting to him to be secured so effectively and have you tease him in that way, and also knowing the amount of pain he will be enduring. Such a dichotomy he must find himself in. Thanks for sharing such personal information and wonderful photos about your relationship. Evan is a lucky man and you are a lucky wife to have someone who will endure the types of spankings you like to give.

    Keep up the wonderful work (both with Evan and the blog).


  6. Oh my. That third picture shows the cane dangerously close to something I'm sure you each value. Do me careful!


  7. When I see Evan in restraints i realize our own experience is very different--In a yr I amy get one or two paddlings from my wife. She is a great wife and i deserve it when she has to paddle me. there is no restraints or anything like that-I just take a shower and put myself over her lap and she paddles me and i admit it hurts plenty. I am sure I look like a fool as a big strong man getting his naked butt paddled like a kid--but for whatever reason--it works for us -its a happy marriage and always has been--

  8. Looks like your having NO problem my dear!

  9. Awesome, my wife does something similar but sadly not as frequently as I would like. Keep up the great work, Evan is one lucky guy!