Friday, May 7, 2010

A case study on the effect of a spanking on an erection

Hi all:

Thank you for the comments on my last post, regarding my lack of belief in any general female superiority / supremacy. I will respond to these comments soon.

Today I am posting a few more pictures from the spanking that figured prominently in my February posts. In the current pictures, I focus on the effect that my spanking has on Evan's penis. Because Evan squirms so much, the camera films his penis when he turns sideways on my lap, and the viewer can see the state of his arousal. In this first picture, I have just started his spanking, and he is fairly erect. (Click on the picture to get a better view.)

Only a couple of minutes later, Evan's penis has shrunken dramatically:

And then a little while later, it has made close to a full retreat:

Putting these three side by side, we can better see the effects of spanking on Evan's erection (click to get a better view):

Many other similar spanking events over the years lead me to conclude that when Evan has an erection at the outset of a spanking, the spanking diminishes his erection.

Here are before and after photos, with Evan standing beside me (again, click for a better view):

You can see a slightly erect penis on the left picture, pre-spanking. Evan's penis has shrunken a lot in the right picture, post-spanking (note the red color of his behind).

If there is interest, I may present a similar case study of an effect on Evan's penis when receiving a spanking on our spanking bench. Sometimes before I start to spank Evan on the bench, I will first massage his penis to make it erect. Then as spank him, the erection disappears. It's quite remarkable how long the erection stays: he is usually quite erect even after the first continuous minute of spanking, in spite of the fact that he is clearly in a lot of pain throughout this minute. Thus, it seems to take quite some time for the blood to flow away from his penis, perhaps a couple of minutes at the least.

When I spank Evan over my knee, it seems like the erection goes away faster, but I think that this is only because I can't spank him continuously over my knee for a minute or two initially: he squirms away from me because of the pain. The time for the erection to disappear would probably be the same as on the bench: on the order of a couple of minutes. When he is over my knee, he hasn't got much of a spanking after only a couple of minutes, because of all his squirming.

I hope you all enjoyed my analysis. Talk to you all later,



  1. When will we be able to see how one takes off one of his slippers and gives him a good beating with her to the anus of his husband?

  2. Hi Deidre,
    It is interesting how you have been able to photographically document the phenomenon. I have observed the same type of affect on my husband when I spank him. Only, I would say that his erection dissipates even more rapidly, which may be due to different levels of pain tolerance.

    I have also found that spankings that I administer to Larry are much harder for him to endure if I all sexual desire is removed prior to the beginning of the spanking. I have not done this recently, but in the past i have used electric massager/vibrator to rapidly milk him immediately prior to spanking. I have only done this when I was very upset with his behavior, because he really hates it. Once he has climaxed, he has no desire to initially go over my knee and the spanking is all pain from the very beginning. It provides a very intense punishment ... and I have not felt a need to use it recently.


  3. Very interesting and thank you for sharing the photo study. I can understand why Evan squirms and his erection decreases. I'm surprised it lasts as long as it does :-). I'm also surprised that you think it lasts longer on the spanking bench. I would think it would diminish more quickly, since you are spanking harder. BTW, your spanking bench is quite an effective restraining device and I can understand why Evan doesn't like to be strapped to it. I would be equally hesitant. I would love to see a photo/time study of how long his erection lasts on the bench in comparison to over your lap. I suspect that since you massage his penis to begin with, he starts out harder.

    Keep up the good work with your blog. I love reading it. My wife and I have a spanking relationship, but not nearly as interesting as yours. So, we each enjoy reading and learning.


  4. this is more instructive than other writings i've seen elsewhere. a prior comment by Linda indicates that excitement does indeed betray males into this kind of submission. if removed beforehand, reluctance sets in -- but that makes the spanking more the punishment!

    very much like Female control over male desire, and this excels in its directness and simplicity.

    it harkens back to early developmental stages where the desire took root to begin with.


  5. Another excellent post, Deirdre. It is an interesting phenomenon that men can get sexually excited, even in the face of what's about to happen to them. Even though you spank quite hard, there are other elements of the preliminary activity that I think some men find arousing. Just the fact that you are dominant and about to demonstrate that to your husband in a very painful way, apparently gets his blood going. I know I've found this to be true in my own situation before a trip over my wife's knee. But as you've also noted, once the pain sets in the erection quickly fades.
    Thanks again for sharing your fascinating relationship with us.

  6. hi there D, i can tell you for me i did get a erection about all the time before a spanking, but now that the wife is spanking much harder and the game part is not there any more,it is harder for me to get a erectoin but i can still think about a spanking and i get a erection,
    but when i see her with the paddle or what ever she is going to use, i lose it very fast, because i know what is comming, with us i to get spanked hard just like you do Evan, and most of the spanking i get are for punishment so it is hard for me to get a erection that stays after the spaking starts, great job,

  7. Based on your post about his reluctance to get on the bench, and a previous reader's comment about his diminishing pre-spanking arousal, it seems that although there may initially be an association between sexual pleasure and the idea of a spanking until the pain starts, over time, and with steady repetition, the association between sexual pleasure and the spanking begins to decrease. If that's true, then it might be possible to "train" him to lose his erection simply upon seeing the paddle. However, if there are other actions and "messages" associated with the preparation for spanking, such as an association with intimacy and teasing and pre-spank stroking, then the anticipation of spanking and the prespanking ritual will still be arousing, but then the arousal decreases after the pain starts.

    I wonder if the spanking included more teasing and stroking, and during the early stages of training, the spanking were milder, if he could be trained to maintain an erection, and even be trained to get an erection from the actual spanking. Perhaps his tolerance for pain would increase, and he could maintain association with sexual arousal even during a seriously stinging spanking. I guess it would depend on your goal. If the idea is to get him aroused before hand, and then spank the pleasure out of him as an embarrassment in addition to the pain, then you want the erection to go away. If you want to exert a sexual control and power that associates the spanking and painful control WITH the pleasure, then the training would be oriented toward keeping the arousal throughout the spanking.

    Great thoughts and pictures! Thanks again!

  8. While there maybe momentary erection problem during a spanking. I see nothing abnormal with your spanking scenario. There will be moments of twisint and turning. Spanking gryrations of the spankee are normal. As a wife did you same and ridicule his twisting and turning? Otherwise you really didn't maintain your control?
    Ms Becky

  9. Have you ever given your boy an orgasm prior to his spanking? It would make the event much more painful, as in this story:

  10. God, I love you - Do you have a sister?