Thursday, May 20, 2010

the end of Evan's otk spanking

Hi everyone:

Thanks again for all the nice feedback. I am happy that you like our pictures. Here are the last few pictures from the spanking that I was writing about before. Here's me helping Evan off my lap. Note how nice and red his bottom and thighs are.

Here is Evan standing beside me post-spanking. Notice that his bottom is red, and his penis has shrunk down a lot after the spanking.

I give him one last squeeze before sending him on his way.

Talk to you all later. There are still many topics to cover: tease and denial; strap-on sex (which is fun, but not really a big deal for us); more real-life issues, like trying to get Evan to be submissive when I say so (life is complex: he has his own will, which doesn't always match mine); and issues about how others can find a female-led relationship like ours, if that's something you want. I will write more on these and other topics in later posts.

Bye for now,



  1. Hi Deirdre,

    Thanks for the pictures, though I cringed when I saw Evan's bottom. Oh my, that looked painful! How long did it take him to be able to sit down comfortably after that? How long before the marks were no longer visible? Ouchie!

    Nice to hear from you again this evening!

  2. i recently found your blog after scouring the net for some real life insight into being a submissive husband and desperately wanting to be spanked by my beautiful wife.

    wanting to be spanked and disciplined by my wife is something i've recently come to terms with and am working with my wife to integrate this lifestyle into our lives and your blog is just the real life comparison we need.

    your site is just fantastic as I try and learn about spanking in other peoples lives, and maybe a bit about why i like it so much and how i can make my wife more comfortable with it, although she has a rather dominant personality to begin with.

    i'll be anxiously awaiting your opinion on female led relationships and how you get your husband to submit to you on your demand. i sense that may be a learning curve for me and a challenge, as i lead a very dominant role in my career, and that we haven't played with that issue much in our relationship.

    again, your blog is great, and i'm sure a great help to others who share the lifestyle. keep up the good work.


  3. Deirdre,
    Evan's bottom sure looks well toasted. I appreciate all the information you share about your relationship.

    You mentioned that you might talk a little more about strap on sex with Evan. Is this appealing to you or Evan? I am not meaning to sound judgmental, but I don't really understand what personal dynamics would make this appealing. Having an attractive woman having their way with my backside is incredibly exciting to me, especially if she is also excited by disciplining me. Are some of the same dynamics in play with strap-on play?

  4. Hi Deirdre,
    Wow, that was a very effective session, based on that first picture. No wonder Evan squirms when he's over your knee.

    I'm looking forward to your treatment of the other topics you mentioned in your post, especially real-life issues. I am particularly interested in the dynamic between you and Evan when you feel a need or desire to spank, and perhaps he's not so willing to be spanked at that moment.

    Strap-on sex can of course be seen (and often is depicted on the web) as another method of female domination. I don't get the sense that you use it that way, but it's instead another form of play. My spouse doesn't use this a another means to punish me, but instead it's a variation in the bedroom that spices things up once in a while.
    Thanks again for sharing your life with us.

  5. That is not what a spanked bottom looks like. These photos have been colorized.

  6. Hi all:

    I haven't had time to respond to all of the comments that people leave, but I did want to respond to Margie, who claims that Evan's bottom has been "colorized".

    This is very funny! I did colorize Evan's bottom, but in real life, with my paddle. (I don't even have any colorizing software.) In fact,as I mentioned before in a previous blog entry, the pictures of Evan's red bottom don't even do it justice: his bottom looks even redder than that in real life, post-spanking.

    Margie, I think your experience in seeing spanked bottoms is limited. I am sure others will back me up on this.


  7. A butt that has been spanked hard with wood implements will show abrasions/bruises/blotches. These are just a nice, even, photoshop pink. Very similar to the fake spanking sites on the web.

  8. Dear Margie:

    You clearly don't have as much experience as you seem to imply.

    A butt that has been spanked regularly for years (like Evan's) is very hard to bruise and "blotch" unless one spanks in un-spanked areas (like his lower thighs, which I rarely spank).

    When I started spanking Evan years ago, he bruised much more easily, but not any more. Now, Evan's bottom goes red from a spanking. It's difficult for me to bruise him.

    None of my photos are doctored in any way, except the obvious ways where I block out our identifying features.

    From now on, Margie, please keep your judgments to yourself. You obviously have some issues, but you need to deal with them yourself. I have no idea what makes you think you are an authority on spanking (which you clearly are not). I am not claiming to be an expert myself, but I think I know better than you what Evan's bottom looks like after spanking.

    Please find some other blogger to harass. I won't answer you in the future.


  9. I do not think the pictures are colorized, but I do agree that a truly hard spanking would have left more marks, ("hard" is a relatvie term). I know from experience- my own bottom being spanked many times, and pictures taken of it. You're right, though, that pictures really don't do it justice. Flash whitens it too much, and natural light needs to be just right to get anything close to the real color. Regardless, I check your blog every day, and love, love, love, your attitude about spankings. I am curious if you were/are a "spanko" yourself, or were indoctrinated by Evan. (?)

  10. My wife took some pictures in the immediate aftermath of a long, hard spanking in which she started out with her hand, moved to a wooden paddle and finished up with another implement. My butt was similarly deep pink/red throughout, the pictures having been taken without a flash. Those shown here certainly look very realistic to me in terms of the results.


  11. Deirdre-
    I am especially interested in further discussions on all the topics you have outlined. I think there will be something for all of your followers.

    And lastly, just a comment about photography (which if you are familiar with my own blog, you know that I do quite a bit): There is something called color temperature. Some digital cameras allow for adjustment, some don't. I have been experimenting with my own camera and have found that this setting greatly affects how things look. It takes a special card that has bands of white gray (18% gray, that is) and black, to get the settings correct (if in fact the camera provides for an adjustment of the color temperature).

  12. Your blog is wonderful and thank you for sharing. Never mind the questions, that is one heck of a spanking you gave him, he is so lucky, thank you.

    The magic of a good sound OTK spanking is in those pics and delivered by a beautiful lap! Totally.

    Thank you, you two make all of this so good for us.

    Great spanking scene, thanks.


  13. Looks like you swing a mean paddle. Nice job.

  14. The paddle never makes contact. Why no pancake impact pics?

  15. Dear all:

    Thank you for reading my blog, and supporting it. I don't understand the mindset of people who are critical of my pictures or writing: if you don't like it, then please just go elsewhere. There is no charge for being here. But correspondingly, you have no right to complain about anything.

    In the future, I will probably just delete obnoxious and / or rude comments in the commentary, because it's not worth my time to respond to them.

    Anyway, you can see that this exchange annoyed me. I will get back to the topic(s) at hand sometime later.


  16. Argh. No sooner have I posted regarding my frustration at annoying comments, than "Jack" posts the following comment:

    "The paddle never makes contact. Why no pancake impact pics?"

    Jack, think before you type. These pictures are post-spanking, so of course there are no impact shots here. The pictures from my last post are during the spanking. Perhaps what you meant to type was why aren't the impact shots as clear as in some previous pictures that I posted? The answer to this question (which is not obnoxious, in contrast to your question) is unknown to me. Probably the quality of the impact shots that I get with my camera depends on the lighting and the camera. This was filmed in mediocre light with a hand camera (not a video-camera). But look at the last set of pictures and you will see better impact shots. I don't know why they sometimes show up better or worse.

    In any case, please change the tone of your "questions", or simply don't read the blog.

    I realize that people like "Jack" are probably not representative of the typical readers, but too many comments like this will stop me from posting altogether.


  17. Evan has a really nice butt indeed. Just the kind of ass I would like to spank real hard.

  18. Deirdre,

    Please don't let these nasty questioning comments bother you and Evan, your site and sharing is so welcomed and makes all of this scene so normal.

    You are a wonderful person, thanks. And a beautiful lap.

    Hang in and please have fun.


  19. Agree with Ron that you shouldn't let comments like this deter you. Instead, you can moderate comments (I've seen this done on other blogs, and have done it on my own) so that you can decide what to show and what to delete without posting to the blog itself. I believe Blogger also allows you to block certain users from commenting altogether.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Dear Deirdre,

    Your blog is terrific, so please disregard these armchair quarterbacks with their insipid comments. Recall that you admonished me (and I duly apologized, with sincerity) for my remarks to the guy who wanted kinky footwear. these people (BTW, is "Margie" a real woman, or some guy?) who criticize your offering on your blog do need to go somewhere else, and let the rest of us enjoy your sharing. You do not deserve to have people telling you you don't really spank, etc., so please realize that many, if not most, of us love your work and are grateful for your efforts to share it.


  21. Dear Deirdre, Really love your blog and want to thank you for taking the time to make it happen. Would you be so kind to post the dimentions of your spanking bench. Also, where purchased?
    Many thanks.