Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a brief note

Thanks to all for all the kind comments regarding my bottom. Evan likes it too.

Several of you are asking about my use of a strap-on on Evan. In answer to one comment: no, Evan doesn't wear panties. I am not interested in seeing him in women's clothes, and he has shown no such inclinations himself, as far as I know. And no, I don't have Evan suck on dildos that I insert into him. This is not something that excites me.

But I do like penetrating Evan with a dildo. I will describe such an event in more detail at some point, but I don't have time right now. (It takes a while to write these descriptions.)

I will talk more later.


  1. You are right to present yourself in discreet yet very feminine ways. I appreciate so much your focus on what you do to show your love for Evan, and how these actions enrich your relationship.

    Your images demonstrate great feminine power, giving readers new insight, inspiration, and encouragemnt to strengthen our own relationships.


  2. Do you ever make Evan take a butt plug or an enema?

    Have you tried using a cane on him?

  3. You look stunning! I can imagine how he fears the punishment yet is turned on by you.

  4. As always, a lovely picture. Taken at this angle, and in this light, it shows your body in a very powerful way.

    I'm sure we'll all enjoy hearing more about your use of a strap-on when you have time. You've told us you like putting Evan over your knee, so it will be interesting to hear your thoughts about penetrating him and what it does for you on a physical and emotional level.

    Thanks again for sharing your photos and more importantly, giving us your perspective on this aspect of your life with Evan.


  5. I too would be interested in your feelings when you use your strap on and also how Evan feels about it. Great Blog I hope you can keep it up.

  6. Thanks for the numerous posts you have made lately and expressing your feelings about spanking Evan. I also appreciate the information about Evan's feelings, particularly his fear of going on the spanking bench. It certainly gives the old saying of "Be careful what you wish for" real meaning. Evan is a very lucky man(I think. LOL)

  7. Hi

    Nice response, I do like the panty scene but wow, nice comment on the strap on!

    Thanks for your comments, great site.

    Be well

  8. Too bad you took down this photo. It was lovely.