Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A strap across the bottom

Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the comments. I will keep trying to post every now and then. And I will answer all of your questions eventually.

One question that seems to come up a lot is on what occasions I spank Evan. As I think I have mentioned before, most of the occasions on which I spank Evan are occasions where I just feel like it, because it excites me to be in control of my husband. Evan makes me so happy that I don't really have any reason to spank him, other than I just like to do so. He used to want to get spanked (and I think deep down he still needs it), but I seem to have spanked him hard enough that he is frightened of it now. Anyway, mostly I spank him now because I enjoy it. I like having complete control over him, and I like getting him to do things that he wouldn't normally do, like take a strapping while being tied to our bench.

Because Evan and I are both very busy at work these past few months, most of our spankings nowadays are over the knee, because they are so much quicker to arrange. A bench spanking is a big mental and emotional commitment for both me and Evan. Our work life may calm down a bit in a couple of months, and I am confident that I will get him on the bench then.

I will close with two more pictures. Here's a shot of Evan getting a three-tailed tawse strapped across his bottom. This strapping followed the paddling that I showed earlier.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I like the tawse. It's pretty easy to handle, and it gives a satisfying impact, which Evan clearly feels.

Finally, here's another picture of me from the hotel a few months ago:

Thanks for all the kind comments about me in my outfit, holding my paddle. Evan likes these pictures a lot. I am glad you all do too.



  1. Deirdre,

    Heaven help me, but I think Evan is very lucky, getting the strap.

    The picture of you holding your paddle is strikingly attractive.


  2. stumbled back onto your blog, thought you had stopped posting

  3. Oooh the strap. All I can say is ouchies, and better Evan than me. Thanks Deirdre for the pictures and the post. I like this picture in addition to the other one, because while the other shows off your legs, this one shows the apparently translucent effect of the dress, and also highlights your pretty choker more clearly. I can see why Evan would be reluctant to get back on the bench now. What would be your response if Evan said "I don't wish to be spanked any longer."? I'm assuming of course you would stop if that's what he wanted, but how would you respond to him if he said "please stop", knowing how much you enjoy it? Would you try to talk him out of it?

  4. Hi Deirdre,
    Thanks for posting these. I especially enjoyed the picture of you holding the paddle while stunningly dressed. I give Evan credit for having the courage to get on the bench; I'm not sure I could do it. Being over my wife's knee is painful enough. Thanks as always for posting.

  5. Not sure exactly why your site is the most intriguing of all. I am guessing that it is that rare combination of mutual support and desire, your domestic settings, and the matter-of-fact nature of your sessions.

    It may also be just the right mixture of text and image, and of particular images that communicate femininity on your part and submission on his.

    Whatever the reasons, its looks to me like you have the ideal relationship, inspiring husbands to want to give themsleves unconditionally to those wives who provide loving discipline.


  6. I really like jm's post and agree that this is the most intriguing blog/site.

    There's something about the relationship you and Evan have...the intelligence, well reasoned logic, compassion and of course the unwavering sense of need for discipline that I personally find incredibly reassuring. I also love how proactive you are in seeking information that may be relevant to your specific relationship.

    As someone who has done plenty of exploring, but isn't deep in the bdsm culture, I constantly question myself and just how deviant these desires and needs I feel really are. But, Deirdre there's something about you and Evan and your relationship that's very comforting to me and even inspires me to hold out for such a relationship with my wife. I suspect it's just that its so obvious what an incredible combination you two are of attractiveness, intelligence and success while maintaining this other side of your life.

    As usual...thank you for all your time and efforts in posting and answering questions. Love the pictures, the details, everything you post.


  7. I love the picture of you holding the paddle. It shows a wife waiting up late to discipline her husband. Any chance you could do a similar picture, but this time holding a belt?

  8. Thank you for sharing the pictures, you look great in them.

    I'll also echo jim and Ryan. Many times I've read where someone discovers the widespread existence of this fetish that they then realized they were OK and could go forward with their desires. That's some pretty weak reasoning, and I'm saying that as someone who would like such a relationship. By all means they should explore, but wanting something doesn't insure that everything will turn out for the best. What makes this blog great is that it comes across as a good example of how to move forward with domestic discipline.

    And on another subject, why do you carry the paddle in your purse? Is it just so that it will be there waiting to be seen by a stranger, if they should happen to look?

  9. The strap! Don't know why, but it always fascinates and has me more in awe than the paddle although a paddling hurts just as much as a strapping.


  10. Do you ever take Evan from behind while he's on the bench?

    I'd love to see you spanking him while wearing your bikini.