Wednesday, May 19, 2010

more of spanking evan otk

Hi all:

Thanks for continuing to comment. But please don't be rude in the comment section. Regarding my footwear, the slippers in this set of pictures are just my slippers to wear around the house. I wear nice shoes when I go out, but most of the times that I spank Evan, I am just wearing something comfortable around the house.

Mike, while I appreciate your defending my footwear, there is no need to tell the previous poster (who who like to see me wearing different shoes) to "get a life". That seems like an over-reaction to me. I do understand your point, however, and I agree with it: I will wear whatever I feel like when I am spanking Evan. But I don't think that it's necessary to be rude to other commenters in order to get this point across.

An anonymous Bob asked about the size of Evan's penis. Evan's penis is pretty large, as you can see in the photos. I have never measured it myself, but Evan tells me that it's approximately 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. Whatever its dimensions, I like it very much.

And to Jack who says, "I would love to see him spanked hard in front of a group of women!", I respond that I would happily do this, if I knew such group of women. In fact, I think I would happily spank Evan in front of men, women, or a mixed crowd, as long as I knew and trusted the people in question, and if they wanted to watch.

Here are the rest of the pictures of Evan's spanking which I started to post last time.

As you have seen before, he often squirms around when I start:

I keep going, until I can get a few long few sequences of spanks in.

This is after 30 or 40 spanks, and Evan's bottom is getting pink.

This is another 30 or more spanks later, and Evan's bottom is red.

He is finally giving up, and collapsing across my lap:

His head goes lower as he accepts his spanking.

The whole process only takes 3-5 minutes, usually under 100 or 200 spanks at most, even with pauses to talk to Evan about his behavior. A bench spanking is a much more involved event, and can take 30 minutes or more on the bench.

Please keep your comments coming. Talk to you soon,



  1. So grateful for your frequent posting; grateful, too, for what you show us and teach us and model for us.

    Bless you and your Evan and your relationship.


  2. I too appreciate your sharing your spankings of Evan. Although I am sure it hurts Evan very much, he likes it too, especially the thought of it and the feelings he has for you after you finish spanking him.

  3. What an incredible sequence of photos the two of you share with us. Thank you. I find spanking to be very erotic in many ways. While I don't care to be the one spanked, I enjoy having my large hand smacking firmly against someone's skin and the feeling I get transferring that energy into their bottom or upper thighs. Again, thank you for the sneak peak into your private world. I for one would definitely love to be a spectator to this in person.

  4. Have Evan buy one of those small crooked handle bathbrushes for you to use. They are very wicked! He also needs to have his thighs blistered for his internet audience.

  5. Deirdre,

    Many thanks for continuing to share with us a wonderful relationship. The spanking looks wow, hard but I can only imagine how relieved he must feel when it is over, very hot spanking you deliver. He is a lucky man.

    Again thanks for making this be so normal, it helps all of us understand and yes makes us envious that we are not over that georgeous lap of yours.

    Thanks for sharing, awesome stuff.


  6. I apologize to all for my intemperate words. My wife wears shoes just like those and I wrote without thinking of the feelings of others.


  7. I always spank my husband over his pants first, with a stour wooden brush. He then is required to drop his pants and get back over my knee. I then really lay into him. He then has to drop his underpants and he gets it bare. This 3 stage treatment makes him howl and bawl like a little boy!
    I'm working on making some clips.

  8. I love the fact that although you've clearly gone to a lot of trouble to set up the picture shoot, its still an everyday take it as it comes spanking. I mean nobody would chose sox like that for a photo shoot!

    Ita the same at our place I've had it with K wearing everything from a ball gown to track pants, to a wet bath towel - its not a costume dram after all, the situation necessitates the spanking not the outfit!


  9. I notice that Evan's genitals and pubes seem shaven bald. Is that part of his submission, or does he just prefer being smooth down below. A girlfriend of mine makes me shave down below before spankings, and I am still self-conscious about it but she says it is very common for dominant women to demand it.

  10. Thank you for these pics. I liked Your comments how the pics show him "giving up" and how he start to "accept his spanking" (yep!) :)